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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    1 Year Anniversary doing Ride Share. (I joined the 4%)

    Also my 1 Year Anniversary on UP.NET According to various metrics/studies (sorry, no footnotes) 96% of Uber/LYFT drivers quit before 1 year of driving Rideshare. Thanks for all the great advice/ideas/warnings from all the vets Actionjax , Athos , Yam Digger , dmoney155 i_k , evad77, Dancarriv...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Pathological PAX & The $10 LYFT Bonus

    A strange PAX last night at 1:30am (I know, I know - that is when they come out to play.) Got a ping to a Motel 6 in Mississauga. It's pretty far - 7 minutes. It is a slow night and I have got a full battery, so why not, I think. Hotel pings at that hour are usually going to a strip club or...
  3. Christopher Jones

    Ontario Accounting/Bookkeeping

    Can anybody suggest a good accountant and/or bookkeeper for Ontario (preferably GTA)?
  4. monte88

    Driving in Toronto?

    Hey, I am registered driver here in Ottawa was wondering if my account would run fine in the GTA, Uber or Lyft, or is their different requirements in Toronto? I know Montreal has different requirements (I tried to go online just for the heck of it while visiting). Has anyone done this?
  5. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Are there any female UBER drivers in the GTA??

    Just curious about the demographic of the people doing uber. In my history of using UBER and talking to fellow uber drivers, I personally have only seen 1 female uber driver, and absolutely no female taxi drivers. Anyone care to share their observations too? Any reason for the trend that...
  6. Chargersrt10

    Boost for entire GTA?

    I just noticed today Uber is doing "Boost" for the entire GTA. Pretty cool. I hope this becomes a regular thing.
  7. repairmatch

    An app that makes finding a good mechanic easy—introducing RepairMatch.ca to the GTA

    Hello UberPeople Toronto! Our idea came from the fact that finding good car service can be a real pain sometimes. So we built an online service to help tackle the problem. This January, RepairMatch was born. You tell us your service needs, and we find the best mechanic for it at a fixed, fair...
  8. Alemix

    GTA Driver Count Survey- How many are we in this forum?

    Please participate in the survey by simply clicking YES if you are a driver and if you are member of the forum. Thanks
  9. UberxGTA

    Congratulations Drivers.

    I just want to congratulate GTA drivers. I have noticed more and more pool requests coming my way that are 10+ minutes away. That should be the minimum wait time for poolies(pax).
  10. UB-MKC

    A life of a Uber Drive Partner (GTA)

    Hello to all Uber drive partners (Toronto) I am initiating this threat to share day to day, life, concerns, issues, suggestions, and future of a Uber drive partners (Greater Toronto Area). Some of the topics to start with I would like to discuss this forum are: 1. Economics of real earning...