1. B

    ATO and BAS

    Today ATO asks me to lodge my BAS for the period from April to June, the problem is I started UBER a month ago and my logbook is not yet filled for 12 weeks. Whats the solution for this? Thanks
  2. D

    Changes to Uber Monthly Uber Tax Summary

    I noticed Uber have changed the way the tax summaries are broken down for each month. They even changed the ones for January. They "Other Charges from Uber", "Charges from Third Parties (Tolls/Airports/Government)" in Other Potential deductions. Can we deduct the GST on them of the full fare...
  3. Ausois

    UBER BAS Tax summary for March 2018

    When is Uber going to produce a tax summary for March 2018? The 30th of April is looming - next Monday!! We have to do our BAS statements by the end of the month for Jan to March. Has Uber communicated anything about this at all?
  4. S

    GST on Toll?

    Do we need to pay GST on Toll? As example: Customer paid AUD50 for OLA trip including $10 Toll. So do i need to pay GST on $50 or $40?
  5. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: lodging your activity statement online

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: Sole traders: lodge online and save time! 4 April 2018 Sole traders, did you know you can spend less time managing your tax by lodging your activity statement online? Lodging online is the easiest and most convenient way to...
  6. Jack Malarkey

    ATO: looking for your payment reference number?

    From the Australian Taxation Office’s Small Business Newsroom: Looking for your payment reference number? 7 March 2018 A payment reference number (PRN) is your unique identifier that ensures your payment is credited to the correct account. Using the right PRN will help us process your...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Uber drivers complain to Inspector-General of Taxation about ATO approach First two paragraphs: Uber drivers caught by a GST ruling are among those complaining about the tax office's treatment of workers in the sharing...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    ATO advice on tax invoices and record keeping for GST credits

    Australian Taxation Office advice from their Small Business Newsroom ( Tax invoices and record keeping for GST credits 23 February 2018 Claiming GST credits can seem...
  9. J

    UberEATS, ABN and tax

    Hey folks, I started riding for UberEATS a few weeks back. I have registered only for UberEATS and am using a bicycle. I became active as a rider sometime back in October but started riding only a few weeks back. My understanding so far based on my research is - 1) I have to have an ABN but do...
  10. Jack Malarkey

    ATO advice: how to stop tax bills sneaking up

    The Australian Taxation Office has provided the following advice via its Small Business Newsroom about how to prevent tax bills from sneaking up ( Stop tax bills sneaking up 29...
  11. Jack Malarkey

    ATO advice: top 3 GST claim essentials

    The Australian Taxation Office has released the following statement via its Small Business Newsroom of GST claim essentials ( Top three GST claim essentials 1 February 2018 When you...
  12. Jack Malarkey

    UK Government freezes VAT registration threshold pending consultation

    In its recent Budget, the United Kingdom Government announced that it would consult on the design of the VAT registration threshold and that, in the meantime, the threshold would remain at £85,000 for two years from April 2018: see...
  13. UberDriverAU

    Changes to your Services Agreement

    I just received the email below from Uber, and noticed a few interesting things: (1) From the 1st of December, Uber will operate through a local Australian company. (2) Consequently, GST will be charged on all fees for every driver, whether or not you've supplied an ABN and GST details. (3)...
  14. Jack Malarkey

    Mystery 28 cent promotion payments

    I have noticed that recently Uber has been giving me mysterious promotion payments of 28 cents. Through a little detective work, I have discovered that the 28 cent payments are a ‘partial refund’ of the Canberra Airport pickup fee of $3.13. The amount of 28 cents is one-eleventh of $3.13, an...
  15. Peter G

    Uber the proper way?

    Hi Guys, I thought I would share my thoughts here as I have had so much good advice from this forum. I have been searching for the past week or so for the best solution and guides to doing Uber/Ridesharing properly and there is a tonne of segments of info around but no one has done a short...
  16. Jack Malarkey

    You can make a pre-Budget submission for the 2018-19 Budget until 15 December 2017 (NOW 31/1/18)

    The 2018-19 federal Budget is scheduled to be handed down on Tuesday 8 May 2018 by the Treasurer. You can make a pre-Budget submission until Friday 15 December 2017 via the Treasury website...
  17. syd1429

    ATO chasing again to Uber drivers
  18. M

    New to Uber - some questions

    Hi everyone, I am planning to join Uber just as a second job and need some advices. 1- I am planning to buy a new car anyway soon(Not just for Uber), do I need to register for Gst before buying the car so I can claim GST back? Do I need to record my car as a business or under my ABN to claim...
  19. hameldayme

    tax and gst help

    im wondering if someone could explain how the tax works 1. do we add income plus uber fees together then pay gst on the total, then claim a gst credit on the uber fees? what about tolls ext? 2. for our yearly tax return can we claim the uber fees off what we actually receive? 3. which km...
  20. Jack Malarkey

    Where are gross fares recorded?

    Am I correct in my understanding that the only places where we can get our gross fare details are in the monthly and yearly tax summaries or looking at and adding up all the individual fares? Am I correct in my impression that gross fare information is not available in the daily and weekly...