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gst sydney

  1. mickyt

    ATO -calculate GST

    Hi All, Newbie here (found this forum yesterday) and new to Uber (only been driving 3 months) . I am about to submit my first simpler BAS for Oct- Dec and I'm a bit confused. Have spoken to Uber and ATO and read some stuff and still unclear and my accountant is away till the end of the month...
  2. Seagull1

    Reconciling the Pay Statement to Tax invoices issued by Uber (on my behalf)

    I drove uberX for the first time this financial year yesterday and had a look at the partner portal today to try and reconcile the Tax invoice issued on my behalf to the rider to the pay statement and ultimately the amount I will receive for that ride. The Rider invoice states Fare $44.85...
  3. uber-xman

    why cann't UBER charge riders GST on top of the total fares?

    The fare is already too low, and UBER drivers have to pay 10% of total fares as GST to ATO. We haven't been left much... What if Uber lowers the rate? and What if the goverment increase the GST?
  4. Z

    GST Registration Sydney

    Hi, How many drivers have actually registered for GST while driving for UBER? please advise I am new here, been driving for a few months, I read in news that ATO is coming after UBER drivers by referencing records from financial institutions. Please advise. Regards