1. Kevin7889

    Benefits for Gig workers? Is it a scam? What do you guys think? The site looks Clean and legit to me but I'm hesitant..
  2. G

    Paused (GrubHub Driver) Account

    GrubHub PAUSED my driver account, and I have no clue why. Any fellow GrubHub Drivers know HOW and WHO to contact for a problem like this? I'm having trouble contacting a real person in GrubHub for help with this problem.
  3. MHR

    Grubhub Ditches Uber After nearly a month of back-and-forth, Grubhub has walked away from a potential acquisition from Uber and will instead merge with European company Just Eat Takeaway. The all-stock deal is expected...
  4. MHR

    Uber Approaches GrubHub With Offer Uber Approaches Grubhub With Takeover Offer Ed Hammond May 12, 2020, 10:04 AM CDTUpdated on May 12, 2020, 10:06 AM CDT Uber Technologies Inc. has made an offer to acquire food-delivery startup...
  5. LAboy

    ROBOTS delivery in LA 2020

    SO the time has came, i heard people use the robot option so that they dont have to tip haha its crazy how cheap some folks are. i think its only postmates who uses the robots for now in LA, I have seen them in Beverly hills, Larchmont, Brentwood. but still there is a person in some office...
  6. LAboy

    Osteria La Buca. This RESTAURANT hates US

    HELLO anyone had problems picking up food at this restaurant? i went there 2 times, and they refused to give me the food because i used the restroom, they keep saying its for customers only. while we are making them money delivering their food, especially during this Virus . there is a guy...
  7. S

    Grubhub 1st place & pay order. Grubhub doesn't want to pay me?

    So I'm a Grubhub newbie. (2 years on lyft). Got my 1st place & pay order. TL:DR customer cancels order after delivery do I get paid? Of course it's some complicated order in italian at a fancy restaurant, and the guy can barely hear me and he keeps repeating back the order in english and I...
  8. S

    Grubhub after block hours?

    So I've been driving Lyft for 2 years. I just got off the waiting list to do grubhub. I did my first deliveries yesterday off block. I usually drive lyft late weekend nights(10pm- 8am-ish). In my area grubhub offers blocks until 11pm even on weekends and they don't start again until 7am...
  9. F

    Not gonna lie, Grubhub is nice.

    Not gonna lie, I was doing Grubhub last night, literally worked an one hour and 36 minutes, while in between taking other orders after my schedule was up, and I made 71$ in one hour?! AMAZING pay, ESPECIALLY since they are the only ones who actually have a minimum pay of 10$ an hour. So that...
  10. Charbenji


    DoorDash/Grubhub driver here. The other night on a DD pickup I noticed the restaurant was advertising FoodJets as a delivery option for customers. I decided to look them up and was surprised to see that they delivered for most of the restaurants in my home town, after some research I found that...
  11. Cold Fusion

    ? ? CEO says Grubhub faces 'false narrative'

    October 07, 2019 07:55 AM UPDATED 4 HOURS AGO As state weighs regulation, CEO says Grubhub faces 'false narrative” As a state agency weighs a measure that could limit fees for food-delivery, Grubhub CEO and Founder Matt Maloney says his company has fallen victim to a false narrative...
  12. LoveTheBlues

    McDonald's partners with DoorDash, dealing blow to Uber Eats

    By Katie Burke – Food/Hospitality/Retail Reporter, San Francisco Business Times 9 hours ago DoorDash is ready to supersize its growth as competition in the restaurant delivery world continues to heat up. The San Francisco company has just landed McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) as a new restaurant...
  13. LAboy

    can u become rich doing UBER ?

    HAHHA it sounds stupid but how much do you all make out there? me am just doing Ubereats and grubhub on my motorcycle the most i made is 1200 a month i see a lot of people doing Uber i wonder how much do you all make a month?ube
  14. LAboy

    UberEats is Dying. hahaha

    i stopped doing UE for a while now, i have been doing grubhub only. and uber wont stop emailling me about all kind of crappy promos. i cant do it anymore its just not paying good, 3$ for a trip are you serious haha doordash and grubhub are takin over the game. i love Uber and their fast...
  15. LAboy

    so Girls don't deliver food ?

    all the time i have been doing ubereats... i never seen a girl who does food delivery, maybe its just here in LA. or maybe girls are too lazy to move around like us guys. must of the cute,hot girls in LA are gold diggers aka models so maybe it makes sense haha the thing is that many girls ask...
  16. LAboy


    HELLO whats up guys who the hell picks up food from malls or food courts like the one in century city the wesfield mall. i did it few times i regretted it, with ubereats not even a tip, with doordash i got 7$ not worth it even on a motorcycle. you gotta park go find the elevator, then look for...
  17. LAboy

    Grubhub the Best in the West.

    man i have been doing uber eats for a longtime i tried grubhub recently, i love it. u can see who tips you when u accept an offer and how much u gonna make.. dope now all those mofos that dont tip they will starve lol am doing it on my motorcycle too
  18. Banger10

    Grubhub regions on Long Island

    I’m hoping someone here has info as it seems impossible to get a response from Grubhub. When I signed up, you had to pick a “city” and the choices were, among others further away, Southern Nassau, Northern Nassau, Southampton, Commack, and Deer Park. Interesting how Nassau was North and South...
  19. JKBlade

    Good Uber Eats Spots

    Hey guys. I've been doing Uber eats in the northern Virginia/DC area for about 2 months. I live in Centreville. I'm going through the background check to become a Uber x driver. I drive a 2013 Hyundai sonata hybrid. You guys know of any great Uber eats spots in this area for the time being...
  20. LAboy

    Seasalt Fish Grill, Culver city. Be aware !!

    This place treat delivery drivers like shit, i went there to pick up food twice, there is one hispnic lady that works there, she has the worst attitude ever really rude, she doesnt like her job, she called the cops on me, i went there once,i said its fine she is just having a bad, twice i let it...