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  1. Studd

    Will Gig workers lose their flexibility&When

    When is the big day we find out if UBer and Lyft will be either pulling out of California or suspending business until Prop 22 can be voted on? I have an opinion of course and so do you but the question isn’t about if AB5, Prop 22, or any other potential adjustment to current gig work is better...
  2. LAboy

    No tips. No FOOD

    you some young folks especially girls dont tip at all during these times. i understand if its an elderly person. but. i have been doing doordash no tips . grubhub is alright. my question do you guys deliver to non tippers ?
  3. LAboy

    Doordash No TiPS. during this ViRUS

    people dont tip on doordash during this tough time. i got tons of 3$ deliveries. whats going on DD. Grubhub is alright. especially young girls. aka wannabe kylie jenners haha they sell their cats if you knw what i mean haha for living but they dont tip.
  4. S

    Grubhub after block hours?

    So I've been driving Lyft for 2 years. I just got off the waiting list to do grubhub. I did my first deliveries yesterday off block. I usually drive lyft late weekend nights(10pm- 8am-ish). In my area grubhub offers blocks until 11pm even on weekends and they don't start again until 7am...
  5. LoveTheBlues

    DoorDash acquires Scotty Labs for teleoperation of food deliveries Interesting that DoorDash has now overtaken both GrubHub and UberEats as the largest food delivery service. Here is the copy from the story linked above: SAN FRANCISCO — Food delivery company...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Don’t waste your time on UberEats

    Full story: Gig economy: Here's how much you can make delivering for Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash According to 73 salaries on Glassdoor, Grubhub drivers...
  7. Prius13

    "Please include the Unicorn" - GH order

    I have no idea if the "Unicorn" was included by the restaurant in the customer food bag. I just noticed the special customer additional instructions after arriving at customer home. Cc WestBurbsMac Chicago-uber Correction, it's "a" Unicorn as special add on item customer request.
  8. LAboy

    25 deliveries new RECORD

    Don't tell me you did it too lol, i made this on my Bike, this is my new record for UberEATS 25 deliveeries i started at 15pm till 11 at night [ oscars night] ever since POSTMATES deactivated me, ive been going ham with UberEATS, hopefully they will reactivate me soon, otherwise i will just...
  9. LAboy

    GUY refused to take his FOOD on UberEATS BICYCLE

    I delivered to this guy yesterday night in Beverly hills a pizza with wings, it was a long distance on my bicycle with UberEATS, 2.8 MILES from melrose to the hills of beverlyhills, where the mansions are. I was telling myself there is noway the pizza or wings gonna stay warm, and i was certain...
  10. Prius13

    No comment

    Oakwood again... I had to send this message to customer. Get your gutter mind off the gutter.
  11. Prius13

    "we don't hire drivers who worked for someone else"

    Was applying for part time driver for a pizzeria and this was what the owner told me. I told him I have delivered for DD, Eats and GH to show my delivery experience and customer service experience. I also said my app won't be open when working for the pizzeria. Not sure behind his logic but hey...
  12. Prius13

    Deliver by time

    There must be a bug in the GH software.
  13. Prius13

    So slow tonight at Western Chicago burbs

    Now on DD... Just had three orders for GH tonight in West burbs..
  14. Prius13

    Uber Lyft Amazon Flex and now Grubhub

    With rideshare seasonal dead days and times, how many of you diversify to Flex and Grubhub? I didn't pursue Postmates as the model seems onerous eg why would I have to pay for merchandise and request reimbursement? Nonetheless, will be interesting to know how many people diversify with other...
  15. Prius13

    What do you normally do on a Sunday night?

    Got out too late at Sunday night church service, had dinner with wife and now it's too late to make Ord runs. Anything profitable in West DuPage burbs on Sunday night. Is everyone in bed and getting ready for school and day job ie dead Sunday night in burbs? Anyone doing Eats tonight in burbs...
  16. Hybrids

    How to update bank account for Grubhub? And Onboard session required?

    I already signed up, downloaded driver app, and wiw app for a long time but never attend an onboarding session, not sure, is it required? Also, I want to update my bank account but can't find a link to do that. Can you guys please help me?
  17. J

    grub hub forum

    any forum on the internet for grub hub drivers, just like uberpeople where they have a sections for each markets?