1. M

    What messaging app do you use?

    I'm a fan of GroupMe, group texting app, I'm curious what messaging apps other drivers use.
  2. Libraguy1919

    AR & CR FAQ

    Moved thread.
  3. S

    Fare Split - Multiple Pick-up Locations

    Hello! I apologize in advance if this question has been answered already, or if this thread is posted in the wrong place. I am pretty new to using Uber and I have never split a ride. In a few weeks, some friends and I are planning on sharing an Uber ride to Pearson Airport. Does fare splitting...
  4. AVLien

    Meetup Group

    I have a Meetup group ready to roll, I just need to know if people would be interested. I don't like exclusion, so I want to know there is an interest before I drop my monies on it. Meetup is a paid service, but I made enough in an hour the other day when it snowed to cover it. Also, there is a...
  5. tipster98122

    Who has your back? In support of the buddy system.

    While the above quotes were in reference to the thread about a Seattle driver car window getting bashed in to steal or-in a fit of desperation-retrieve a left-behind phone, both point to a climate in Seattle where these kinds of petty crimes involving us will likely get little, to no assistance...
  6. D

    Paid Research Group Birmingham

    Looking for Uber drivers to come along to a paid research group on Thursday 21st April at 2.30pm in Birmingham. £75 for 1h45m discussion group. Anyone interested please call me on 0207 407 2546. Thanks, David