group chat

  1. Faeriefyre

    Whilst we can log in with FB - is there a dedicated FB group?

    That way we can tell each other about large crowds. After the shitty way we are treated by the Cab Industry (can't park here, can't park there). I'd like to be able to contact each other - easier than getting on this website!
  2. Nawaf

    UBER DRIVERS. Group chat. Kik

    Hi guys and girls I think we need a group chat for us and the best app for that is kik I think u all know it so we will open a vote for that and if I see a lot agree to it we will do it and I'll tell you now how to do it and what's the benefits from it. How to do it. I'll post my Kik ID and...
  3. JerseyBoy911

    Keep in Touch!

    I made a GroupMe chat. You don't need to download the app although it makes it ten time easier to use if you do download it. We can now touch in real time while we're out Ubering. Spead the word. Let's get this to be a regular thing! Now if there is something going down, we can know...