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gross fare

  1. UberxGTA

    What is the average GROSS $/Trip in Toronto? Please post average and time of day driven.

    The most important metric drivers should be aware of is your average GROSS $/Trip or called gross fare. To calculate this is simple, found in your drivers online dashboard. The gross fare ($) divided by the # of trips. PLEASE POST you average over the past year even if you haven't driven for a...
  2. Ride Phoenix

    Why does Uber driver app no longer show the gross trip total?

    Anyone knows why Uber app is no longer showing the dollar amount of trip total in gross? It only shows the net after deduction. Also, why it takes to long (pin wheel) to show the total. Some, especially new riders, ask the total at the end of their trip and it takes 3 to 5 minutes to show the...