1. Nina2

    Lyft stock is a scam

    Does Lyft issue a dividend? To date, Lyft has not declared or paid a cash dividend. We currently intend to retain any future earnings and do not expect to pay any dividends in the foreseeable future. Meaning lyft CEO is profiting from the stock
  2. Mista T

    Just can't win with Lyft sometimes

    TL DR: Lyft sucks. Driving along, giving a Lyft ride. Get a stacked request. It shouldn't even be called a request, since I didn't have the option of accepting or declining. It should be called a stacked DEMAND. But hey, I can cancel any time, right? So as soon as the ride is over, it pops up...
  3. N

    $250,000 for a monopoly ?

    My daddy won the lottery in WA recently.......yoohooo ! Fooled those overpaid useless politicians in parliament.
  4. metal_orion

    Uber greed always find a way

    As we know folks Uber motto is "Do first, ask for forgiveness later" So I had noticed the other day my friend was requesting an Uber and we were checking out their prices and apparently getting an Uber in your language has an extra cost in my friend's case he is Hispanic so his app would show...
  5. H

    Lack of surges

    this is crazy!! its Friday during rush hour and hardly any surges for weeks now!! How RUDE!!! My prime time box is only 40% in the ghetto! after you get 1 ride out the box, its back to base fair! besides its just impossible to catch up its double gas! 2000 a month less in earning! just sick...
  6. H


    Really!!!! My roommate, who also drives for lyft. He was close to the PDB and he gets blocked! APP says he needs a 6 hour break. and he had a 7 hour break before that, with 4 more hours to go! we both can't even catch up anymore, its ruthless. How greedy can this company be on Christmas.
  7. H

    Express drive L.A. is terrible now.

    The express drive rental program waived your rental when I signed up, although almost every week, I was over charged for miles, 50, 100, 150 dollars...300 extra miles, sometimes...when I know I only drove less then 100....never heard back from them. Now they want the 35 New peak rides in order...
  8. B

    Booking Fee Went Up to $2

    Uber's booking fee went up to two dollars per ride. This is an example of how Uber is the most greedy company on earth and only looks out for themselves and not their drivers.
  9. d0n

    Who here wants to test out if they are giving refunds?

    Or just telling you they are, taking the money back from your account and not handing it to the rider? Go ahead, accept the Fülcher challenge: Step 1. Use a Fülcher rider account set up to be taken by a friend. Step 2. Ride the trip. Step 3. End the trip. Step 4. Wait to compare fares...
  10. d0n

    Uber stealing money from drivers?

    After a fare adjustment for a trip which ended prematurely due to a mistake from my part ending it early, I spoke to a CSR which proceeded to adjust the fare to the cost based off the 2 points in which we traveled, the trip adjusted without being reflected on the trip page ( sort of like a ghost...
  11. H

    Uber Republican, and Lyft Democrats...

    Seems to be going in that direction. Uber pax are so stuck up, compared to lyft! Its like night and day. although im sure someone is gonna blow up these companies for greed, pretty soon, or stab them in the back when they least expect it. I know there car incentives don't really work now. Its...
  12. Ray L

    Now You Can Get an Uber Motorcycle

    Taken from online Time article; If you're in Bangkok, at least Uber passengers on Thailand have a new way to get around: as of Wednesday, the ride service has added motorcycles to its offerings in Bangkok. The Thai capital marks the first...