1. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    Lost Loves, Selfish Thoughts & Dodged Bullets

    It finally happened I watched an ex walk (waddle) across an intersection while I was completing an Uber ride She was beautiful when I left 2 years ago She gained 100 lbs Her new boyfriend was of equal size My initial selfish thought was "hahahahahahahahaha I WIN!!!!!" But then I instantly...
  2. Justsurge1

    "Currently there aren't any promotions available "

    This would be my 3rd week driving and I have a total of 11 rides= $192 with close to 8 hrs online. Two of the rides were surge charge rides = 28 miles average 1.7x this snapshot of my Uber journey thus far also included a $50 bonus for completing two rides;which I knew absolutely nothing about...