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  1. Scorpiodragon 64

    adding Auto gratuity for those people you say one thing and do nothing

    Everyone has a story about how they said I will tip you big if you do this well I think that we should hold them accountable for that how many times are we wasting our time and we could have gone for another fair by doing something for someone because they say they were going to give you a big...
  2. SCdave

    I am Kelly Carter ( We do not Tip...)

    Waitress Kelly Carter said a couple had written on the receipt: "Great service don't tip black people." http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/customer-told-waitress-great-service-don-tip-black-people-article-1.2941519 I drive for Uber. 1000s of rides completed and a 4.9 Driver Rating...
  3. B0hemianBoy

    Can anyone please explain what this is about? (Uber gratuity???)

    Here's the original article: https://www.timeout.com/chicago/blog/when-is-a-taxi-cheaper-than-an-uber-082515 The writer (from TimeOut Chicago) is trying to analyse when it's better to take a taxi cab over an Uber for a rider, and in the third paragraph from the bottom he writes: >>But don't...
  4. Uber Man Boston


    Here sharing my sign which has helped me raise $93 dollars in tips for the last 2 weeks. Better than $0 dollars in months of not having it... :) Printed at KINKOS in Medford, MA and laminated. Total expense: $2 bucks. Total tips so far... $93. I am very happy. Oh, and I got the rubber bands for...
  5. Nenee

    The inside scoop on TIPS $$$$

    Now that I have been working uber for nearly one week (and Lyft for only a couple of rides) I am very disappointed that tips in South Florida are a rarity in both platforms. I drive a brand new infiniti suv, keep my vehicle spotless, i keep myself well put together/presentable even in the...
  6. TaraTSX

    Accepting Tips

    Aside from accepting cash tips, does anyone here use cc processing apps such as Square? Also, has anyone put a little sign in the car stating that tipping/gratuity is appreciated? I have people ask regularly about tipping without cash, etc. I am not asking if a sign is a good idea or not, but...