1. $hare

    Would you use this app for cashless tips?

    Of course I will appreciate the honest and constructive feedback this forum is known to provide. My app is called $hare and we launched it on Apple iOS and Android last week, first to support donations for nonprofits but we believe it will be useful for "less cash" carrying people who want to...
  2. SCdave

    I am Kelly Carter ( We do not Tip...)

    Waitress Kelly Carter said a couple had written on the receipt: "Great service don't tip black people." I drive for Uber. 1000s of rides completed and a 4.9 Driver Rating...
  3. N

    How I now "star rate" riders - I gave it some serious thought.

    After analyzing quite a few weeks rides, I have decided NOT to give all riders 5 stars like I used to. (unless they were really horrible) - If a rider makes me wait more than FIVE minutes - 4 stars (everybody apologizes - but that doesn't pay my bills)- My car MUST be moving to make $$$ - A...