1. SGUberGuy

    Uber Motivation

    Hi guys, Been driving uber for sometime now, I'm sure we meet a lot of ass holes and some really nice passengers along the way. Driving is tiring and physically very draining you have to be focus 100% of the time. Losing focus might lead to accidents. I'm here to share some nice...
  2. T

    Uber/Grab brand new Toyota Altis 1.6 Auto

    Looking for a rental car for uber/grab purposes.? Brand new Toyota Altis 1.6 Auto. Insurance covered with unlimited mileage. Call us at 91029854 to find out more. - Hirer must be aged between 23 and 64 - Min 2 years driving experience - No minimum trips - No hidden fees and charges - Malaysia...
  3. M


    Lets introduce all the cheapest and most reasonable car rentals... I shall start the ball rolling.... make them work hard and let market forces them to come with cheaper car rental and less stringent requirements... all uber and grabcar drivers we support each other and prevent these blood...
  4. M

    Uber & Grab driver wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for a driver partner of Uber AND GrabCar who has registered with both and drives a rental car. This is for some media queries - If anyone is keen please reply in this thread and I can share more information. Thank you!
  5. baokaliao


    hi all moved on to car sales........
  6. jarod001


    Hi, I'm a newbie operator of Uber but haven't start my business in the road yet because I want to know if Uber here in the Philippines will really give a huge ROI. In terms of ROI, which is better or best, Grabcar or Uber? I am craving for an honest and realistic answers.:)