1. S

    Uber complains I cancel trips.. I complain their app and surge sucks

    This is the email I got from Uber: Hi STEVEN, It appears that you’ve been canceling more rides than other drivers in Phoenix. If you complete more trips you’ll have less downtime and earn more. We understand that cancellations happen. There are traffic issues that can prevent you from getting...
  2. J

    Location services

    Hi guys! thinking of joining uber and is concerned about something. As i will solely rely on GPS to go around, is my mobile plan of 3gb going to be enough for this? if not is there any solutions to help? Thanks in advance!
  3. Livan

    Uber partnering with TomTom?

    Read this in Wikipedia: Late 2015, TomTom extended its deal with Apple and signed a new contract with international transportation network company Uber. The Uber driver app now uses TomTom maps and traffic data in 300 cities worldwide.[4] I only see two options in the app: Google Maps and...
  4. Stygge

    Dash cam, GPS, navigation, backup camera

    Is there a device that combine these things or a combination of devices? I want only one screen but need all the functions mentioned.
  5. ciscokid930

    Bad ratings for not knowing Boston

    So times have changed, ubers are not the cabbies that tell quirky stories and know Boston like the back of their hand (not all of us) I'd like to say I'm pretty good at navigating Boston, but people seem to be so annoyed at the fact that i do need to rely on the GPS. Boston is confusing...
  6. jimpurtee

    Issues with latest updates

    Since the change in Logo and also since the latest update: Once a ride is completed, the "car" icon remains at the drop off location. It isn't a delay, because I have waited a long time and driven miles with the "car" still at the prior drop off spot. The only way I have fixed it is to close...
  7. S

    Sydney CBD Driving - New Driver

    Hi Guys, Need your help I was taken right in the CBD couple of times and I was very nervous. Google navigation was playing up in cbd - navigation was at times 15-20 seconds behind in the cbd and kept rerouting for no reason, missed a couple of turns and made me more nervous. On each occasion I...
  8. jen stebbins

    HELP!! GPS issues after completed trip

    since the new app rollout, i have had nothing but headache! hoping someone here can help. here is what i'm dealing with... the first ride of the night goes smooth. but after i swipe complete trip/rating - the gps is no longer tracking my car. (i realized this when i had dropped someone off in...
  9. MikesUber

    4.9x Surge, Forgotten iPhone and Airport problems

    Hello Everyone, Here are a few stories from my most recent days of driving (Pittsburgh, PA market): 4.9x Surge - Always know what's hot in your city as far as events! A few nights ago we had an EDM show featuring The Chainsmokers at Stage AE. Knowing shows there typically end at midnight I...
  10. dokhollidai

    GPS Question (newbie)

    Hi all, I picked up my first pax on a test run. When you opt to use google maps on iOS does it redirect you to that app or does it integrate with the Uber app? I used the Uber Nav because I wasn't sure and didn't want to be fumbling around when I needed to do something on the Uber app. I didn't...
  11. Scott Fleming

    Nashville Airport navigation

    Although I'm only a few days into driving, one thing I've quickly noticed is that sometimes riders do not enter the correct location for the International Airport BNA, and the navigator (uber and Waze) will direct you to the Air Freight terminals instead of the actual "departures" entrance...