1. Jack Malarkey

    App leading me astray!

    I had a couple of experiences last weekend where the app's GPS led me astray. The first was picking up passengers from the Canberra Racecourse (also known as Thoroughbred Park) after the Black Opal Stakes. I had turned right into Randwick Road from the Barton Highway. The app would have me...
  2. AVLien

    Questions from a n00b...

    I have a few questions. I am not in a huge metropolitan area first of all, so ATL & L.A. drivers, please understand that your opinions may not apply the same way others' would. Not discounting your experience, just itso practical application to my situation. Question 1: Distance vs. Quantity...
  3. Edman

    Another liabiltiy for UBER? What do you think?

    I broke my rule and picked up UberPOO yesterday. NEVER AGAIN!!! I accepted and picked up UberPOO 1 after another. So now I have 2 pax in my car. Just dropped one pax and ABOUT to drop off the other pax, so I can RELIEVE myself(Emergency/Mother Nature Calling). However, about 5 minutes before...
  4. femaledriverproblems

    Car not moving on riders app - cancelled fares

    Hi guys. So today I had five riders consequently cancel on me when I was within 1-2 mins away. I thought it was weird but figured I would get the cancellation money and just move on. It turns out my car was not moving on the rider app at all, so they thought I was still at the location I was...
  5. D

    GPS question for nyc drivers

    Hey guys, This is a question from a new driver who one day wants to drive for Uber one day. So i was fiddling with gps the other day and I was wondering if Google maps gps suggests illegal U-Turns (at least I think is illegal). So the sample location is 51-11 Goldsmith Street, Flushing, NY 11373...
  6. Retired Senior

    The UBER GPS sends me all back roads, will be useless in winter

    Hi guys. The past week I have been driving a lot of Sacred Heart University students to popular eateries in Fairfield. The UBER GPS consistently sends me thru mind numbing courses involving small suburban roads where you need to crawl because of the kids and pets walking around. Yesterday I...
  7. C

    Current GPS Woops-es

    I searched and didn't find anything like this. I thought we might have a thread for locations which are blocked more than one whole day for whatever reason not known to the nav systems. Here are three current examples: 1. 17th Ave at the fairgrounds, closed for October. Google Maps keeps...
  8. Zubera

    Best phone for GPS navigation?

    Hi guys, Please help, I'm in need to buy a new phone to use it for navigation and need your advice. Which phones do you recommend for it? Which ones do you use? Are they reliable and accurate while driving in Manhattan or they are having the same accuracy issues? Are the GPS devices much more...
  9. Speedyracer

    Waze or Google maps ?

    In tried Waze for a couple months now. I'm going back to Google. I've got it set on fastest/ private. Any suggestions? I know Baltimore very well.. But I don't know every street or every 100 block. So navigation is needed doing this job. Take a look at the pic. I would of one stared my @ss to...
  10. onunez177

    GPS question

    Which is the best GPS to use with uber? I use the Google but I heard from a few rider that there is one that work good but I don't know which one is the best.. any opinions. .thank you all in advance..
  11. N

    Uber says its GPS monitors your braking and acceleration

    I recently contacted Uber about a GPS issue concerning Uber's GPS. As expected, the customer service rep sent along a boilerplate response that was almost completely unrelated to my question. But in the message was also this bit: For example, by using GPS data sent to Uber while you’re on a...
  12. Django81

    gps and uber app

    My google app works pretty good but it doesn't work so good in tandem with the uber app. That is my complaint for the day.
  13. Jdprod123

    Navigating in the Loop!?

    I am new to Uber. I have 127 lifetime trips and a 4.91 rating. I've been doing fairly well until most recently when I've been getting more and more trips smack dab center in the loop. I'm new to Chicago. I just came from the burbs a month ago so I'm relying heavily on GPS and it never fails me...
  14. MyRedUber

    Australia's latitude and longitude coordinates out by more than 1.5 metres

    Well no wonder that Uber passengers aren't where their pin says they are.
  15. Uber_nomad

    Uber, now openly watching driver driving habits.

    Uber is now openly watching driver driving habits and giving ratings at random after trip completion. See attachments for my rating popups from uber. They state they are not holding it against us but im sure its a matter of time before they actually do.
  16. demanda-de

    Actual vs paid mileage

    I have been having issues with the Uber app on my iPhone 5. It shows me about 10 miles from where I am actually located and doesn't always let the passenger know that I'm waiting. I have tried: 1-delete app, 2-reboot phone, 3-reload app, 4-sign back into app. Just for grins I wrote down my...
  17. Django81

    chief complaint - searching location

    I've been living at this location for just under two years and driving for uber about 3 months and I've had many pro's and con's about uber. Now though, my chief complaint is "searching for location" dilemma. I use my phone to navigate with google maps but it's useless if my phone cannot know...
  18. FAC

    GPS dash cam

    I'm finally giving in and getting a dash cam. If for no other reason to get Fireguy50 off my back. On a limited budget. So my question is this, is having GPS dash cam important feature?
  19. FAC

    GPS Failure

    I had all three of my GPS fail at once tonight during a ride. Waze first so I changed back to use Uber, it failed, then Apple maps failed. Actually waze cut out on me a few times tonight. Did this happen to anyone else. I can only guess it has to do with snow. But I haven't had GPS crap out in...
  20. Ub1

    GPS rerouting problem on 78E entering 95

    Have you ever had a problem in this area (or any other like this)? I'm coming 78E into 95 by the airport when the GPS tells me to take Port Street on the right. I knew that was wrong but it confused me for a couple of seconds. This is the second time I have a rerouting problem in the same...