1. YouEvenLyftBruh

    HB 673 Georgia distracted driving bill passed: What's legal, what's not?

    The Georgia General Assembly late Thursday approved House Bill 673, which would require drivers to use hands-free technology when using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. But “hands free” isn’t as clear cut as it sounds. Here’s a look at what would and would not be allowed...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Lyft's new in-app google gps sucks!

    Don't get me wrong, I love how there's instant guidance and it's definitely much safer but the destination and actual location of pin are way off. Half block to 2 blocks difference. The guidance will take you to back of buildings and pass easy entrances to areas guiding you the long way. Then...
  3. UberPotomac

    Complaints about drivers.

    Yesterday I got 3 diferent pax complaining about other driver got lost and then I got tip at the end of the ride on 2 cases. Seems like many of us, don’t bother to learn basic city directions. Sad!!!!
  4. MHR

    Blame it on the Solar Flares Cool, in addition to blaming the Uber/Lyft apps for any pick-up or drop-off woes I can also toss some blame onto the solar flares. Solar Storm TOMORROW: What time will...
  5. Ant-Man

    The Myth of Spoofing Your Location via GPS

    You are only spoofing yourself. Three years ago, a paper was released by a team of researchers from Stanford's Computer Science department demonstrating how it was possible to track cell phone location with more accuracy and precision than by using GPS or WiFi connectivity. It's done by...
  6. Darpa

    Cant Use UberGPS in APP Question about Uber/Google GPS

    I am new. I am not having problems with stand alone GPS, I use it regularly on my own. I am having problems with GPS in the Uber app. I had to cancel 2 pickups because the GPS just stopped/stalled. It looks like the simple fix: just use google GPS/Navigate, there is a setup option for this...
  7. R

    Beware: Uber shorting earnings claiming faulty GPS

    For the SIXTH X in 2 Days, I had to submit request for fare adj. LAX — > Irvine, CA ( 56 miles) Earnings = $2.88 Come again?! Submitted fare adj request & they blamed it on malfunctioning GSP. Mistakes happen... But 3,4,5 and now SIX TIMES? Today’s Tom-foolery: LAX to West Hollywood... in...
  8. Mista T

    Foreign GPS

    I keep my GPS muted, I know the city and hate the "Turn left..... In 100 feet" messages. Some pax were telling me about a ride they took with an Asian guy, his GPS was in some other language, they said they couldn't stop snickering in the back seat every time it told him what to do. They said...
  9. N

    How does Jfk dispatch work for yellow cab?

    Hi guys i am going to drive a yellow can soon and am very nervous! Please can anyone guide me how dispatch system work at airport like jfk and how do taxis get in the line? Where is it located? Any tips for me to be better?
  10. JFrancis

    GPS given wrong address for a ride?

    Accepted a ride, in Chicago where there are lots of drivers of course. GPS said I was (roughly) 5 miles and 20 minutes away. That did not make sense to get a ride so far a way, so I called the pax to ask if they wanted to wait for me or not. It did not make sense to them either, their app...
  11. MN Uber

    Look at this Uber sticker placement

    Center of the windshield, passenger side. Driver side had a phone mount Center of the windshield and a GPS right below that.
  12. U

    GPS usage?

    How mush data are people using on their Uber/Lyft apps per month for GPS and communication? We're averaging around 20GB.
  13. D

    Lyft Driver App Bugs

    Has anyone noticed new bugs since Lyft basically made the new Driver App and made it even worse when they removed PT %? I feel like Lyft is trying to figure things out as much as we Drivers are... Bugs I/We have noticed so far: - Limited Prime time heat map : Driver Map shows Prime time...
  14. JFrancis

    Position of GPS person figure wrong side of street

    Sanity check. Have you seen this? The little person figure in Google Maps shows on my left but they are on the right (side of the street). They cross the street to me and now the figure is on the other side where they came from. It affected smooth pickup on the busy, one way, 3 lane street...
  15. mags2K

    Uber / Lyft App GPS issues

    Last night was super busy in DT Naperville. There were few events in DT and lots of people on the streets. Despite all the busyness and getting multiple pings I wasted a lot of time making some Newb mistakes and ended up not making what I should have. Soon after I get there I get a 1.2X UberX...
  16. S

    Using an external bluetooth gps provider for uber

    Hi folks, I am an uber delivery partner amd have been having my fair share of navugation problems especially while surrounded by tall buildings in melbourne's central business district. I thought of using an external gps provider such as garmin glo but for that in android i have to turn on mock...
  17. Lapetak

    Need Serious Advise *Navigation*

    I finally got my UBER app updated and they letting me use UBER Navigation System which they claimed got updated and improved in order to provide a better driving experience, blah blah blah... Well I use Google Maps and I cant complain, I downloaded the state of NJ to be available offline on my...
  18. Howard Cammeray

    What a difference a phone makes!

    i know the topic is old enough to vote but..... Have just dumped my $299 kogan Agora with a gorgeous big screen, because my life has been nothing but spinning routes and freezes requiring reboots of the software and hardware, of late. Got a budget priced Samsung (A5), and instantly, no more...
  19. RussellP

    How to make more money by using Waze Navigation

    How to make more money by using Waze Navigation I know the thread title sounds kind of sketchy, but hear me out... Using Waze doesn't require alot of brain power. Even a first time user should have no problem figuring it out. You need to give it a fair trial though. Try using it for a week...
  20. Solo1

    FUNKY Amazon Flex App

    I Did a 4hr block this morning and this FUNKY app had serious location issues ... 4 times it took me to the right street, but the wrong block, saying I had arrived ... It also had my whole 4hr block being delivered late, starting at 830am ... With all the technology Amazon has, this App should...