gps navigation

  1. S

    Newbie advice needed

    So I'm all set to start driving....why am i so nervous??? Uuuggghh taking the first step is so hard. I really just have one question and i know it sounds ridiculous but is it ok to listen to the GPS thru my radio?? Thanx in advance...
  2. AVLien

    N00b deduction question...

    Can I deduct vehicle upgrades? What have you successfully, or unsuccessfully, deducted? The reason I ask: I drive for Uber Select (hypothetically, I haven't received a single ping for Select service yet) & I drive an older car (2008 Acura TL). It has navigation, but it is proprietary Acura...
  3. UberEnforcer

    SMS Template for Uber Rides

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my SMS template that I use with every single ride to set certain expectations for the riders. You may adjust it to your liking and or perhaps share yours. About me: been driving for this company for just over 2 years. I have about 3K rides under my belt with...
  4. Mia2016

    Is it possible to drive entirely dependent on GPS?

    I'm currently living in NYC, but I know very little of its roads, streets, and highways. I wonder if it's possible to drive for Uber entirely depending on GPS navigation and still maintain good rating.