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  1. horsepro

    Spotty cell service

    I live and (starting next week) will be driving in upstate NY, Catskills region. Very often the cell service is spotty in this part of the state and in some areas, there is none at all. Does anyone else have experience driving in rural parts of their states where this may occur? I also have...
  2. Z

    Best phone for GPS navigation?

    Hi guys, Please help, I'm in need to buy a new phone to use it for navigation and need your advice. Which phones do you recommend for it? Which ones do you use? Are they reliable and accurate while driving in Manhattan or they are having the same accuracy issues? Are the GPS devices much more...
  3. FAC

    GPS dash cam

    I'm finally giving in and getting a dash cam. If for no other reason to get Fireguy50 off my back. On a limited budget. So my question is this, is having GPS dash cam important feature?
  4. FAC

    Lyft Support came through for me

    After all the complaints I've read, thought I'd share a happy ending to a bad ride. I picked up a pax and it was one of those rides that nothing could go right. Then Waze sent me on a crazy route adding 7 miles to the trip. After I dropped off the pax I contacted Lyft support to tell them what...
  5. N

    Gps device

    Can I use a gps device instead my own phone ?