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  1. Lissetti

    Shutdown is over.....for now!

    Now all you Government employee Ants......get off my shift and get back to your real jobs!! I was dealing with ViaDoom in the north, and the oversaturation of Gov Ants in the south. ENOUGH!!
  2. W

    ATO vs Rest of the Government Departments

    ATO wants our income as Taxi But none of the other Government Departments want to provide the same benefits as Taxis, why? If we are paying Tax as Taxi then we should get all the same benefits as Taxi, Comments?? We get fines if we stop in no stopping areas Taxis can stop on the main road and...
  3. T

    Ridesharing more than 20 hours as international student in Toronto?

    Hello everyone! I am an international student in Toronto and I've worked with Uber about a month at this time. Last week I started to drive for Lyft as well. I realized, that I am driving about 30 hours per week (sometimes less, sometimes more), as I do not have study right now and I use most of...
  4. Karl Marx

    Uber, Careem suspend services in UAE capital

    Uber taking over the Government owned camel trade and limo business wasn't going down well with the Princes. Would you let a information company from a foreign country control the future of all your ground transportation? http://www.reuters.com/article/us-emirates-uber-idUSKCN1130M9
  5. ElGringo

    2015 Tax Returns as Uber Drivers!

    I went to Ray de Jesus Insurance in Corona Queens on 102-09 37th ave and I didn't have any idea how much money I could save just by driving with my TLC car. He really knows how to work the system of taxes for drivers. Will use him for ever now!