1. A

    GPS brings me to a house backdoor.

    Way too often GPS (google maps) brings me to a correct address but instead of pointing me to a frontdoor it gives me clear direction to a backdoor. Here it is most recent example address: 1326 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON google maps: link GPS brought me exactly to the back alley of the house where...
  2. Vision1961

    Uber + GoogleMAps + Blackberry KEYone.

    Background: I bought a Blackberry KEYone - primarily because of the advanced security capability as my business phone for use with Uber. As we all know Uber has it's own navigation system - which is not the best, i.e. it recently took me to down a dead-end street which had a 10' high fence...
  3. TKCCO

    UBER + Apple Maps

    If I am navigating with Apple Maps, while logged "On" the UBER Driving App, will that disrupt being tapped to pick someone up? Wasn't sure if I could only use Google Maps, or any other App for that matter, while waiting for a pax.
  4. DandanLA

    Google maps: feature multiple stops

    Hey guys, i dont know if it is an old feature, just updated the google maps on Android, it let you add stops along the destination. It worked pretty good. I tried to put 5 stops and it worked, dont know if there is any limit. You can do so by clicking the top right corner 3 dots after you add...