1. Nina2

    How does have a 5 star rating

    I saw a advertisement when I was searching for the Uber website and it say 5.0 rating for 771 ratings for I am not sure how Uber got this rating
  2. E

  3. tohunt4me


    Big Brother GOOGLE/ D.A.R.P.A. now in addition to worldwide Anti Trust fines, lawsuits,& investigations Had a WORLD WIDE WALKOUT BY EMPLOYEES ! Over the GOOGLE TOXIC WORKPLACE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT ! This past Thursday employees staged a workplace walkout. 49 have been Fired so far . . . ( 49...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Google has finally launched its answer to Uber

    Full story: Starting on Wednesday, the Waze Carpool app will enable users to find rides from Waze drivers that are headed in the same direction, not unlike Lyft Line and Uber Pool, the startups' respective...
  5. London Tube

    Travis Kalanick on Uber's bet on self-driving cars: 'I can't be wrong'

    Carson: You mentioned Google and Apple. With so many of these companies working on it, why do you think Uber will have an advantage? Why do you think Uber will be tied for first if not in first place? Kalanick: Well, it's not about whether I think it is — it's that it has to be. So, if we are...
  6. Karl Marx

    Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you...imagine what Uber has?
  7. pizza guy

    Eats and Google reviews

    Periodically I'll do Eats and when customers are topping it's better great. Uber asks us to give thumbs up or thumbs down for the business. That seems kind of basic and pointless. I do the local guides thing on Google and periodically get some nice perks like a New York Times subscription or...
  8. Darpa

    Cant Use UberGPS in APP Question about Uber/Google GPS

    I am new. I am not having problems with stand alone GPS, I use it regularly on my own. I am having problems with GPS in the Uber app. I had to cancel 2 pickups because the GPS just stopped/stalled. It looks like the simple fix: just use google GPS/Navigate, there is a setup option for this...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Waymo orders thousands of Pacifica minivans in push to open ride-hailing service Waymo, Alphabet's autonomous car unit, is ramping up plans to deploy a fleet of self-driving minivans as the company pushes toward the launch of a...
  10. JFrancis

    Google maps frequent crashes in Line rides

    Just wondering... does anyone else have frequent Google Maps crashes during Line rides when you have rider(s), and at the point when another rider is added. Note I am running with Maps called separate from Lyft app, not the embedded option. Also note, one reason I do line rides is I need all...
  11. BurgerTiime

    ANTHONY LEVANDOWSKI FACES NEW CLAIMS OF STEALING TRADE SECRETS A former nanny's lawsuit against ex-Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski raises new questions about his business conduct. MICHELLE LE THE ENGINEER AT the heart of the upcoming Waymo vs Uber trial is facing...
  12. MHR

    Staggering Variety of Clandestine Trackers Found in Popular Android Apps Uber and Lyft both citied as offenders in the article.
  13. BurgerTiime

    Complaint filed against Uber for using "key marketing" words in Google search Miramar Beach resident Tim Anderson has composed a complaint that accuses the successful ride-hailing company of using “targeted keyword advertising” to steal business from permitted taxi drivers...
  14. tomatopaste

    I don't see how Uber survives.

    Google has already launched their self driving taxi service in Phoenix, GM will launch within six months. You need two things to survive in the auto/transportation business, 1. autos. 2. self driving hardware and software. Uber won't have either for at least two years. Neither Google nor GM is...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Waymo is first to put fully self-driving cars on US roads without a safety driver Waymo, the autonomous vehicle division of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reached an important milestone recently: since mid-October, the company has been operating its autonomous minivans on...
  16. tomatopaste

    Google and AutoNation partner on self-driving car program

    AutoNation said Thursday that its dealerships will provide maintenance and repairs for Waymo's self-driving fleet of Chrysler Pacifica vehicles. Waymo is Google's automated vehicle technology wing. The agreement will include additional models of vehicles when Waymo brings them on line...
  17. tomatopaste

    Why Google chose the Chrysler Pacifica minivan as its first self driving taxi

    Large enough to seat 5 without anyone sitting in the front two seats (driver's seat or front pax seat) Large enough to house the still bulky computer components (soon won't be a factor) 2017 version has a hybrid option which means it will have an all electric version down the road Onboard...
  18. tomatopaste

    Google/Waymo is launching commercial self driving taxi service in Phoenix before Christmas

    Google/Waymo is launching their self driving taxi service (no human behind the wheel) with 600 Chrysler Pacifica mini vans in Phoenix before Christmas. This will be like adding two thousand full time Uber drivers overnight, and these cars are not going to be sitting around waiting for pings...
  19. tomatopaste

    Google needs Lyft to take their rejects

    When Google launches their self driving taxi service in Phoenix, requests outside Google's 3D mapped area will go to Lfyt. Google needs Lyft to take their rejects.
  20. tomatopaste

    Fully driverless cars could be months away

    Google's self-driving car unit prepares to launch a taxi service near Phoenix. Two anonymous sources have told Efrati that Google's self-driving car unit, Waymo, is preparing to launch "a commercial ride-sharing service powered by self-driving vehicles with no human 'safety' drivers as soon as...