google voice

  1. qiaoxiaopang

    Receive and make Free phone calls on your IPAD and Android with Google Hangouts/voice blahblah blah

    Rather than make a useless thread , I decided to share a useful app that's been around since 2009 or so. So when I was in China, I depended on Google voice to call the States because the Pang is cheap like that. Anyway, called the states for free in China and it's been good to me ever since I...
  2. Listener42

    new phone, google voice, can't call pax

    For the past few months I've been driving Uber and Lyft using Google Voice as my primary number for calling and texting. My phone was a Nexus 6 on T-Mobile. I could never send texts or calls via Lyft's app, but I could receive them (and once someone had texted me, I could text them back)...
  3. LasVegasWil

    Google Voice Plus Waze = Arghhhh!!!

    First day yesterday. Had a great time, met some nice people, everyone seemed happy. Did everything everyone on the forums advised, watched the YouTube videos, had water, mints, and charging cables ready, and felt pretty confident. Then, tried to txt rider, no go. Figured, ok, they'll be there...