google maps

  1. Peter Mead

    Uber map default routes sometimes embarrassing

    Yesterday I picked up a fare in Burbank, California headed to LAX. The Uber app directed me through mostly surface streets the entire way to the airport. This was an ordeal for both the passenger and myself. Later, I got another fare going to LAX. I got on the route I knew would be fastest...
  2. AVLien

    WTF Uber/Google?!?!?

    For the second time in a couple of weeks, the Uber app and/or Google Maps has placed me over a mile away from where I was supposed to be. Pax was waiting outside her dorm for me, I thought I was supposed to be at a residence (this was unclear on the phone). The map sent me 1.7 miles on top of a...
  3. SurgeSucker

    Uber Navigation

    Anyone use the "new and improved" Uber Navigation? I usually use Google Maps or Waze but it'd be more convenient to just stay in the app I would think. Any feedback? Thanks!
  4. Maven

    Navigation Problems

    What Navigation problems have you had and what did you do to "fix" them? Most drivers use either Waze or Google Maps in addition to the navigation provided by the driver-App. They have many similar problems and others unique to one App. I primarily use Waze and consistently have 3 problems...
  5. nomogmos

    Google navigation cuts out around I25 and I225

    I've had my google navigation cut out around I25 and I225 on a couple of occasions, now (once was this evening on the way to the Hyatt). It has always come back on a few miles later. Are there any tricks to get it back online? Anyone else have this problem? Is this a "dead zone"?
  6. MoneyMitch

    Caution: Google Maps Directions (From Metro NYC to PHL Airport)

    Hello all: While keying in directions on Google Maps (both mobile and PC) from Central New Jersey to the Philadelphia Airport (non-Uber), it routes you from the NJ Turnpike to I-276 West and then to a non-existent ramp to I-95 south in PA. This route is incorrect, as this ramp will not be...
  7. Silent_Philosodriver

    It's 2016 - When will Google Maps understand we live in a 3-D world!!??!

    It has stopped being funny and has become an annoyance again to me. How come Google Maps still sends you to the Bay Bridge when dropping someone underneath?? (e.g. Pier 24) like it tried to do to me last week. Caught early as well. Or today, going to drop a pax at Selby street (mostly under...
  8. kon

    Google Maps or Waze - Which do you think is better?

  9. MobileAppResearcher

    Research Participants Needed - I need your expert opinion on navigation apps

    Hello! I am a user researcher who studies how people use mobile navigation apps. I'm based in oakland, but will be in SF next week and would love to interview some professional drivers who have used Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE, Mapquest, or similar while driving professionally. I...
  10. Cctx61

    Google Map Tip - Take it off satellite mode

    I realized that if you have Google Maps set on satellite, it works a lot slower. When you make a turn, it takes several seconds to update which can put you past your next turn. It probably depends on your phone and location but if you have this problem, take it off satellite mode. This may...
  11. S

    google maps hangs while rerouting

    A friend who drives for Uber and Lyft in Austin TX as I do in San Antonio TX is having problems with google maps on our (navigation) tablets hanging while maps says "rerouting", when we deviate from the original "blue" route. close/start the maps app nearly always works I have a nexus 5x as...
  12. Django81

    google maps

    Holy Toledo! My google maps are NOT working for me at all today- this is a new city for me and I depend on google maps so no driving today for me? Anyone having issues with google maps today ?
  13. P

    voice directions from Google Maps

    When I start out with Google Maps on a Lyft pickup, there are voice directions. But I don't get these directions after the first street I turn on. Any ideas?
  14. Wyreless

    Question on the MAP Program In the Driver App

    I wanted to ask about the situation on the Partner App and the MAPS Powering it. I had read over and over that the UBER Map portion of the Partner App basically was the pits and always select Google Maps. But I remeber reading somewhere recently that now the Partner App is powered by Google Maps...
  15. UberEricLong

    Enable WiFi To Maximize Google Maps Accuarcy

    Here is a quick tip I hope some will find helpful when using Google Maps for navigation. Make sure your WiFi is enabled. Google Maps uses GPS, WiFi and mobile networks to estimate your location. I've noticed when my Wi-Fi is turned off, GM is not as accurate. To make sure your location setting...
  16. Raroberts

    Get "navigation Unavailable"

    I have an iPhone 6 with ios 9.1 When I use google maps to navigate to pax pin, and I arrive and go back to partner app I get a box saying navigation is unavailable. At that point I can't do anything with the partner app. The pax name has disappeared and I can't start the ride. How do I get...
  17. Uber_N8

    Navigation App Nashville

    I'm kind of new and wondering which navigation app you prefer? I'm currently using Waze set to Quickest Route. Sometimes I feel like it takes me on crazy routes. What are your thoughts?