google maps

  1. RightTurnOnRed

    Which navigation system do you use with Uber ?

    I recently completed a trip using Ubers in app navigation . I noticed that the riders detail says I drove 20.28 miles but Google maps says the trip is 23 miles. Same route point to point. ?
  2. D

    Warning don't update Google Maps

    They have made it 10 x harder to switch from toll to non tolls vice versa. It's also slow
  3. MHR

    New app oddity...

    Went out for a bit today, first day using the new app. Something happened and I’m a bit freaked out about it. Got a ping, pick up at a place I know well and hit nav (just because I like to see which asinine way Google will suggest) flipped back to Uber app and I’ll be damned, Uber in app nav...
  4. pizza guy

    Waze vs Google Maps

    I know this has been periodically mentioned in other threads but wanted something to really help evaluate what works best in different situations. I finally downloaded Waze in March and since then have been comparing them head to head since. I use Google for Uber but do a lot of driving for my...
  5. New2This

    Google Maps Parking Question

    Since it seems to be Tech Wednesday, I have an issue maybe you Deplorables can help with. I use Google Maps for Ubering. Most trips I get the parking recommendations when I get close, which I don't need since I'm dropping them off and going somewhere else. Like this: I've tried Googling...
  6. Marco Solo

    Is it just me, or is the Lyft pickup screen seriously ****ed up?

    Gryft recently offered me $780 if I amassed 70 rides in a week @ 90% AR. I've read here (and on the chaotic Lyft forum) about how Gryft tries to keep drivers from achieving their last few qualifying rides, but my problem is at the other end of the week. More often than not, I can barely...
  7. Darpa

    Hi! Uber Driver App & Google (Problems with Uber) GPS

    So, I am new. It has been rough already. But, I think I got this. I had to cancel my official 2nd trip because I am having problems with the Uber app GPS. I am 100% confident google maps works perfect. For some reason this Uber app is glitch. I am sure if I keep canceling they will...
  8. Diesel Driver

    Is it just me, or has Google Maps signifantly degraded in the last few months?

    I've noticed quite a few reports here about significant problems navigation has been causing drivers lately. This matches my experience with Google Maps for the last several months. I am prompted to start a thread on this because tonight I had two weird routings. The first was up in...
  9. D

    Need Your Help Get Google Maps to Allow Permanent Avoid Tolls for DROID phones

    I'm tired of Google Maps default routing me thru Toll Roads. This WASTES MONEY and many time adds more mileage. When you have a rider the Toll is okay if they agree or there is no option. I submitted feedback to Uber to ask them to help get Google Maps to allow Permanent Avoid Tolls. Now we as...
  10. JFrancis

    Does Google maps know temp street closings

    Is Google maps so "smart" as to be aware of temporary street closings such as there are for the Chicago marathon?
  11. Prius13

    Google maps wacko

    I have no idea why Google maps went crazy on me.. Anyone have this experience?
  12. pizza guy

    Google navigation and it's ability to change traffic

    I was driving back to a relatives after viewing the eclipse yesterday and realized just how amazing Google can be. I-55 was the worst possible color and indirect. I ended up on IL route 4. What Google repeatedly had me do was drive East for a mile them drive North a pmmand approach a stop sign...
  13. Chargersrt10

    Uber Parter Removed "Google Maps" option **UPDATED****

    has anyone noticed the "Google Maps' option is gone. "Uber Nav" sucks the big one. Google maps is way better in my opinion. Problem Solved!!!. After a "Hard Reset" the problem is Gone!!!!!
  14. CStarzzSelect

    Catching an Uber Ride through Google Maps

    So I'm a tad late, but I just found out you can actually grab a rideshare through Google Maps app on mobile devices. What I don't understand is that if Uber and Lyft are both available in the area, then why is Lyft the only rideshare I see on Google Maps?
  15. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Did anybody else get the new uber navigation today?

    This navigation is the worst i have seen.It doesn't' show how many miles to your destination or the time. Also it has a big blue line that looks stupid.
  16. D

    Eastern Distributor North Bound first Tunnel

    There is a first tunnel on the ED (just before Link Road), Google Maps (GM) will sometimes recommend you take it and exit on to South Dowling St before the Cleveland st intersection. GM will show it as not being tolled. But I thought north bound on the ED has a toll. Is the toll sensor further...
  17. BMXdad

    First Time OUt

    Someone, please help. I used google maps and when I went to pick up my passenger pop up ads or even banners were covering the area to start the trip. During the trip it kept trying to reroute the trip and it even blocked the area to end the trip. I never saw this happen when I rode with people...
  18. Jack Malarkey

    Uber to map Canberra for the future First two paragraphs: Uber will start mapping Canberra's streets with its own version of the Google Street View cars to improve its ride-sharing app and pave the way...
  19. D

    Google Maps, U-Turns on Major Roads

    I noticed recently GM is showing U-turns on majors roads like William Street and Oxford street around Paddington. It happens when you need to go in the opposite direction on the roads, GM rather than finding a street to turn left into and then eventually turn right into the William/Oxford, gives...
  20. pizza guy

    Google Maps pacman

    Looks like Google is turning the world streets into pacman this weekend for April Fools. Great way to kill te this weekend.