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good deeds

  1. Deoxlar

    Grocery Store Redemption

    http://www.taxinews.com/Resources/Taxi_News_February_2017_final.pdf Page 5 says we uber drivers are rejecting short fares. But really only some of us are rejecting grocery stores, we don't actually know how far they are going. Taxi drivers reject short fares all over the place, including...
  2. Y

    night shifts

    Hi any night drivers? Wud anyone recommend me night shifts from 7pm to 5am? Thanks
  3. Django81

    Battery Dead

    Well this is a very very long and interesting story. I arrived at a fare and the girl's car battery had died and she asked me if I had " a jump " - I said yes and jumped her car battery; it started and she was happy -- I got the basic fee and frankly I was happy to help out - do my good deed for...