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  1. Maga&dan

    GOLD for 88 trips. New unannounced rulings from Uber.

    Here is what I just wrote to Uber support: I made 88 trips within LA County in previous week (8/1/16 - 8/7/16). However, I got only GOLD status. I went to the Uber support center in Westwood at 8:30 am today where representative was very helpful and tried hard to find the reason why it is...
  2. B

    This weeks incentives May 32-

    So I did 77 trips in LA county. My guarentees are lower than last week. 7 - 9am 2.0x 9 -5 1.6x 5-10 pm 1.8x. Anyone else get this too? More or less? Please let me know what you got
  3. B

    A Few Newbie Questions

    I have been Ubering on and off for about a year with only a few hundred rides. I'm an avid reader of the forum and I know these have been addressed in some context, but couldn't find exactly what I am looking for. If you could offer a little advice on the following, I would appreciate it: I am...
  4. RachelD

    What does it mean when the app chimes and turns gold when you accept a ride?

    Several times last night the app chimed a special chime and turned gold up top where the address was located when I accepted a ride. I couldn't figure out what it meant. At first I thought it was when I'd gone over the guarantees for the night. . . then I thought maybe it was rides under 5...