gold coast

  1. X

    Clarification Wanted - Gold Coast

    Hi Folks, Just moved to the GC and thought it would be an easy dollar earner here, I quickly realised a DA is many $$, transferring CTP is many $$, finding an insurer for my car as a ride share vehicle is extra $$ and on top of that Uber help line are vague in any info given which is read of a...
  2. Instyle

    QLD Ride-Booking Regulations 1st Oct

    Ride-booking industry The Queensland Government is introducing vital reforms for the personalised transport industry that will promote greater choice for customers, while ensuring safety, accessibility, affordability and accountability for everyone. The changes will ensure that Queensland's...
  3. QLDUberDriver

    Customer fury at Gold Coast Cabs driver allegedly trying to extort overpriced fare

    Get ready for mothers with kids too young to ride without a child seat now. The Uber push almost seems, organised. Little does this woman know, the Taxi driver most likely will move over to Uber, if he doesn't already drive...
  4. Instyle

    Driver Profiles for Riders

    Customisable driver profiles seem to have been introduced for Gold Coast drivers. The addition has been popping up every now and then for the last 7-10 days on iOS. Have you got it showing on your account and device? Does anyone see any real benefit in the feature? WHAT IS A DRIVER PROFILE...
  5. uber cheats

    Quick poll regarding GST reporting

    Hi All, I'd just like to run a quick poll to try to gauge if there would be any interest in a service which would: 1. provide you with a weekly spreadsheet of your income and expenses 2. show you how much GST you owe or are owed on a weekly basis showing your weekly and quarter-to-date GST...
  6. K

    Darker then legal tint?

    Hi, is anyone currently driving for Uber with darker then legal tint? I have been told that Queensland transport do random checks on the road is this correct? as unsure if it will cause issues and if im just better off having my tint removed and having 35% put on
  7. A

    Help me with my tax question please!

    This question may have been asked before but I cant find something. Just started as a Uber eats bike delivery in Gold Coast, Im here on a Working Holiday Visa and wonder if someone could please explain to me how I should do with tax. I dont know much about this, is there anyone in the same...
  8. QLDUberDriver

    Gold Coast police officer stood down for allegedly defecating in Uber vehicle Gold Coast police officer stood down for allegedly defecating in Uber vehicle A GOLD Coast cop has been...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Gold Coast police officer stood down for allegedly defecating in Uber vehicle A GOLD Coast cop has been stood down over an allegation he defecated in an Uber vehicle during an Australia...
  10. Grand

    Gold Coast gets first mapping

    Mapping Uber’s Future in Australia :)Gold Coast to be the first in Australia:) Behind every successful Uber ride is a technology many of us take for granted: maps. Mobile maps and GPS allow us to match you with the closest available driver, navigate the fastest path to your destination, and...
  11. Aussie_Mike

    Gold Coast

    Bump if you would like Gold Coast to be added to the Australian Cities List. +1 Mike
  12. Instyle

    is Uber matching you with dangerous riders?

    A Gold Coast Uber driver had alerted police after their passenger began acting erratically around 11.30pm. The video was released with the announcement that Queensland Police and the Crime and Corruption Commission had set up a taskforce to tackle the growing drug's supply...
  13. living_the_dream

    Hit & Run: Uber Vs. Taxi driver

    An Australian Uber driver has intentionally driven his car in a pedestrian and sped off. Very sad. Apparently the victim was a taxi driver who was anti-Uber. I can't post links but Google this and the story will come up: 'Uber driver accused of Gold Coast cabbie attack' Warning the video in...
  14. Instyle

    GC Incident - Reminder to stay vigilant! A man has been charged after allegedly launching a violent assault on a Gold Coast Uber driver in the early hours of Saturday morning. Just before 3.00am, a man and woman were picked up by the driver of the ride-sharing...
  15. chi1cabby

    Queensland Driver Goes Berserk, Runs Over Riders Leg

    Sascha Pangallo UBER.. YEAH THEY'RE CHEAP ~ BUT CAN YOU PUT A PRICE ON YOUR LIFE? I'm not one to post these long novel Facebook statuses, but I really feel that this needs/should be made public - and put to the people. Yesterday afternoon, I ordered an Uber (as I do on the daily.) Little did I...
  16. mrcoolaus

    Hi From The Gold Coast, in sunny Queensland, Australia

    Hi, I am an existing Uber driver operating on the Gold Coast and sometime also in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. I usually drive Friday & Saturday nights plus take a few extra trips during weekdays (after a year I have done 2,000+ trips so I consider myself an experienced Uber driver) :)