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  1. Jctbay

    Rookie Rideshare Dude

    I'm just doing Lyft at the moment because when I try to go Online with Uber, it says to select a qualified vehicle. I have an Uber XL vehicle and it says to choose or add a qualifying vehicle for my city. Wth? Any help would be appreciated...Lyft is going well..
  2. Barbj379

    Picking up in NJ

    So I'm about 4 or 5 e-mails deep with Uber's customer service on my issue, which is regarding pick-ups in NJ (specifically at EWR). I understand why so many people are unsatisfied with the customer service/technical support from Uber, both in-person and through e-mail. You're basically dealing...
  3. Itsalady

    Attempting to Go Online but directed to Document page

    Hi Guys, I am fairly new to Uber, but tonight when I tried to go online, I got directed to the documents page. It automatically went straight there. I tried everything they suggested, but had no luck getting online. After going to my uber dashboard, I realized that my vehicle registration...