gift cards

  1. Taxi2Rideshare

    The real cost of those "free rides"

    One of the issues I see people here not fully understanding is that of the restitution Uber provides to its disgruntled riders. This one issue touches on other subjects that Uber has failed to address despite the serious consequences to drivers and Uber's own finances. It's an issue that riders...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Uber gift cards now available

    Uber has sent the following email to riders: From: Uber Australia Sent: ‎7/‎12/‎2017 12:27 PM To: Jack Malarkey Subject: Uber gift cards now available Gift cards now available Give the gift of Uber Give the gift of new adventures, unforgettable memories and endless experiences this...
  3. Steven Le

    Using Uber gift card without credit card

    So my nephew is about 16 years old and is always buggin about rides. He doesn't have a card, so I was thinking of getting him an Uber gift card. So can he use use uber without putting in credit card info and just using the gift card?
  4. Chris Holmquist

    Uber gift cards

    Ok seriously. Does anyone here have any experience at all with the Uber gift card system? Does anyone have any useful information? I ordered 2 and wonder how long it'll take to digitally deliver it to me. Yes I've Google it. Nothing. I have emailed Uber support. Their email support system is...