1. M

    Is there any point in thumbs down Juno?

    Juno thumbs down: does it hurt the pax at all, or only the driver? "You wont be matched with them again." Thanks. "We will pass on your feedback". Thanks. But are there any consequences for the pax?
  2. BurgerTiime

    Londoners discover they don't need Uber

  3. X

    Better rights NYC Please sign guys
  4. BurgerTiime

    Gett disappears from US app stores in the most confusing merger possible with Juno Image courtesy of Gett Back in April, ride-hailing app Gett acquired “driver-friendly” ride-hailing app Juno, and the merger so far has been nothing short of messy. In June, drivers filed a...
  5. AcceptanceRate

    Driving more than 2hours a day makes you less intelligent, study finds

    The researchers analysed the lifestyles of more than 500,000 Britons aged between 37 and 73 over five years, during which they took intelligence and memory tests. The 93,000 people who drove more than two to three hours a day typically had lower brainpower at the start of the study, which kept...
  6. burgerflipper

    Anyone here got ping stolen by Gett?

    I'd heard about this thing, you can accept ping from Gett and it tells you "congrats, you got the job!", then 5 minutes later when youre almost there you get notification that your order was cancelled by customer care, meanwhile you open the app and get the message "aw shucks, another driver got...
  7. SuzeCB

    Juno & Gett...
  8. CesarNYC

    Anyone drive with Via, Gett?

    Hey there, I'm a newbie. I just got my TLC license on Monday but haven't gotten a car yet. I was thinking about renting a Tahoe/Yukon and going with VIA and maybe Gett and a limo base. Does anyone have experience with these companies? Info is much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. HiDuuken


    Juno got bought out but now there is Gett and perhaps some hope for the future.
  10. X


    All company's should follow the below. Please sign if guys or at least look at it.
  11. Taznum8

    Gett to buy Juno?

    Im hearing Gett is buying Juno
  12. BurgerTiime

    Gett in advanced talks to buy Juno for $250M as Uber rivals consolidate
  13. uberupnorth

    Gett Together

    Gett have launched 'Gett Together' - "ride sharing along pre-set lines".

    Falchi Building

    I wonder if the owners of the Falchi Building knew that it would become the hub of ride sharing in New York City... In the building there is: Government The TLC - Taxi and Limousine Commission 3rd Floor Ride share apps Uber 1st Floor Lyft 4th Floor Gett 4th Floor TLC Car Rental Sally 3rd...
  15. J


    I want to install 3 cameras (looks out to front, looks out to back and looks inside). Anybody knows where I can do this professionally and approved by the TLC in NYC? I have a Camry and its for ride share.(Uber, Lyft, Juno, Gett) Anyone knows what the legality is in NYC for recording Video and...
  16. R

    GETT - £50 credit

    How much are the black cab rates per mile & minute and starting fares over the weekend in London? I got £50, credit which I'd like to use as I am in London this weekend. 10 trips of £5 credits.
  17. Douglas

    Gett Rates and pay???

    i have not driven with Gett in a while, really since they screwed us on the pay system. I was just looking at the passenger app and noticed the flat rates are much higher than they were a few months ago. Are they paying at this higher rate and taking out 10% as they said previously? I...
  18. P

    Gett - Pros and Cons in NYC?

    :) IDEAS?? What does Gett need to do to win over drivers in NYC and customers? Looking for real ideas - not just "pay more" etc. :) Thanks guys.
  19. S

    Attention Gett Drivers!

    Check Gett Statements and compare to recorded rides on your app. It appears that numbers do not match. Rides duration on statements reduced by 1 minute and payouts are not calculated properly except for minimum fair.
  20. H

    Gett driver rate cuts

    Getts deal rate, which is the only one people use just went from .90 peak rate to .75 cents. Off peak went from .62 cents to .55. Anyone else get that email? So they onboard a pile of drivers from JFK LGA parking lots then cut the rates to drivers. If you do the math, the rate change is the...