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  1. BurgerTiime

    Cops: Uber driver arrested in stabbing of drunk, puking rider

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/09/20/uber-driver-arrested-in-stabbing-of-drunk-puking-rider-cops/amp/ An Uber driver faces charges for allegedly stabbing two passengers in Georgia after one started puking during the ride, authorities said. Shaunisha Danielle Brown, 29, was...
  2. R

    Questions about rideshare insurance.

    Is rideshare insurance a requirement to do uber and Lyft in GA?
  3. B

    Very difficult time earning new Lyft driver bonus

    I am in the Athens/Atlanta GA area. I drive Uber with no problem so when I signed up for Lyft I thought it would be no problem getting 150 rides in 45 days. So far with 23 days left I've only been able to find 47 Lyft rides and time is running out. My Uber rides outnumber Lyft about 4 to 1 and...
  4. N


    vikontaqtod ertmanettan qartvelebo :)
  5. H

    Uber Xchange issues.PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE LEASING.

    Yesterday I went to have my car serviced and found out through my Honda (the Mall of GA location in Buford GA) that Uber Leasing had not paid my note in 3 whole months. I had to pay for my car servicing out of pocket. And if you have a leased car with Uber. You know that you are able to have...
  6. UberTaxPro

    Uber driver charged with raping passenger he drove home in Georgia