1. New2This

    Uber Playing Games At The DCA Pig Pen again...

    Why the fornicate do they geofence off the DCA Pig Pen from Surge? My favorite, surge in the goddamn river and island but not the airport: I'm the 'closest driver' yet you won't turn Surge on? Screw a goat Dara
  2. UberxGTA

    Uber Toronto operating landscape after July 15 prediction/possibility?

    Assuming rideshare insurance similar to Alberta's is in place by July 15th: 1. Drivers with qualifying vehicles will be operational (pickup and drop) within the City of Toronto. 2. Drivers with non-qualifying vehicles (2008 and older) will still be operational (pickup and drop) outside of the...
  3. SeeTeeDee

    DIA Auto Text from Uber Re: Staging Area

    UBER: HEAD TO THE DEN STAGING AREA TO QUICKLY RECEIVE AN AIRPORT REQUEST. Wait times are short with only 7 cars waiting; sent at (Fri Jun 17 2016 06:05:00 GMT-0600). I received this text message upon arriving at DIA at six this morning. Does this mean that DIA officially has a queue system...
  4. Cavsfan23

    P2P geofencing/driving anywhere in Ohio

    Hello, Just had a couple of questions/concerns. Does anybody else drive in other cities in OH such as Cleveland or Cincinnati? I started off driving in Cleveland earlier this year. Then a couple months later when I began school here, I went to the Uber office in Columbus and they added...
  5. N

    Hobby Airport (HOU) Complaint Thread

    I posted this to Uber today asking for a response. Will keep you posted, but in the meantime, please feel free to vent here... So I am new to Uber. I have my TNC and my Airport Tag too. I decided to follow the rules and sit in the dirt parking lot (Cell Lot) at Hobby for an hour yesterday...