geico insurance

  1. C

    I had to leave Uber because of Geico

    I retcieved a letter from Geico that that my Auto insurance policy will not be renewed because I use the vehicle for commercial for hire work. Shopping around for insurance was an eye opener to say the least, almost doubled. I had to leave Geico and send the underwriter a letter from Uber that...
  2. divo183

    I guess Geico provides Rideshare insurance!

    I did a quote for NH and MA and I was given a number! No excuses now! Enjoy
  3. F

    $40 more per month for Rideshare policy in Florida!!!

    Please share if you get any quotes, I'm just trying to see if I'm paying too much. My policy was about $40 more per month than what I was paying for regular insurance.
  4. duhartmd

    Geico Insurance

    Since I let Geico know about ride sharing... my new policy will go for $160.00 per month to $550.00 per month. Can anyone explain why my car insurance would just $340.00 per month?
  5. Maven

    Insurance in Connecticut

    Insurance is required both by the State of Connecticut and by Uber. There are significant gaps in the insurance coverage automatically offered when online by Uber, Lyft, etc. I've discovered only limited options for rideshare...
  6. Kipper

    Geico rideshare insurance quote is pricey. Any suggestions?

    I'm looking at about a 50% increase in my monthly payment to get the proper rideshare insurance with Geico. I think its a little above $2k a year. What are other folks paying?? I have a 2013 BMW x1 perhaps that part of the issue...
  7. Pablo750

    I can't work because geico doesn't want to renew my insurance

    I was working like everyday and I took a PAX to the airport I went to buy a coffee I log out and when I try to login the app tells me that I have to upload my insurance, I go to the geico app and tells me that I don't have access. That I have to call. My surprise when I call they tell me that I...