1. F

    Sexual harrasment

    This was a few months but I decided to share it anyway. Summer night, I get a ping around midnight, 6th avenue in midtown manhattan. I was on the wrong side of the avenue, the guy crossed over with suitcase and I got out and put the suitcase in the trunk, he hopped in, I appologized for being...
  2. BigHohn

    Hello to fellow Ubertarians

    Fellow Ubertarians , I trust we are feeling Ubertastical. I’m so glad I found you all and it’s great to part of this forum. I will get straight to the point. I Love Uber . It has given me my life back of which I was in car sales for 25 years . I make a very good living out of this lifestyle...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Hello from Big Gay John

    There’s also a Big gay john
  4. ub3r1can

    Miami Beach Pride Week Heats Up Tonight!!! Events throughout the weekend include: Thursday night's PAMM Free Community Night: PRIDE Friday's Pride Event VIP Gala at the Faena Forum Friday's Basement Pride Kick Off Party Saturday's Beach Party Festival...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver accused of pointing gun at gay passengers