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  1. PTUber

    Lyft No AR Requirement!

    $190.00 guaranteed give 20 rides from Monday to Monday. No AR required and tips aren't included in the earnings! What in the world is going on??
  2. pizza guy

    Would a tip option change the way you work the gaurantee?

    Let's face it, once you hit gaurantee requirements the only incentive to accept more rides is to keep your acceptance rate above the minimum. Accepting another ride simply increases you costs and decreases your profits. I think tips change that situation. I have a couple of pool addresses I...
  3. ciscokid930

    Boston Uber Guarantees = Horrible

    So last week I opted in for Uber's New Guarantees, toting up to $550 if you complete 100 trips within peak hours. Attached are all the details of guarantee. I did not receive the $150 for 30 completed trips so I contacted support in which they told me that I didn't work the minimum amt of hours...
  4. pizza guy

    Flawed 1 minute pool cost me gaurentee

    I signed up for the Tuesday Snow day gaurentee, just in case. I was logged on from about 530-830. Sure enough I ended up with a bunch of short trips along I-88 in Naperville and Lisle driving people from hotels to corporate headquarters. The trips were shorter than even most metra dropoffs...