gaureentee fares

  1. QLDUberDriver

    This weekends Guaranteed Over Crowding Promotion

    As you can see from Uber map, this will be the area over crowded once again with those who don't know better. Those who will try and play the minimum game will be quick to be sorted by Ubers software to make sure you are moved around the map to ensure payout kept to a minimum. If you do manage...
  2. Hidden Leaf Shinobi

    Is it me or is there no fare today 28$ /hour

    I have been driving in buckhead for an 1:15 minutes and not one hit in Buckhead! I kinda figured out Uber's game. They would gaureentee 28 dollors an hour if you get 1.5 rides and hour with having 70% of your fares tart in Buckhead, Downtown, and Virginia highlands. Flood the market with drivers...