1. Jean-Paul Arguello

    Surge capped at 3X for Jazz Fest

    So, today was the first day of Jazz Fest 2017 and it's looking like The fairgrounds will not surge during the fest as dictated by demand. Instead, they're going with the 3X guaranteed surge sector. And only certain drivers are offered that. Last year, surge went as high as 5X. It was a...
  2. Joebreezy77

    Airport wait time right now.

    Airport wait time is over an hour if you want a place to hide. It's stacked in the lot too. I'm just doing one more hour.
  3. GigEconomy

    MPG vs Rental Price vs Size

    I'm considering renting either a Sonata Hybrid for $399 Per Week, or an Elantra for $300-$350 per week. The Sonata Hybrid is listed as "up to" 40mpg City, and 44MPG highway. The Elantra is 32/40 Considering I'm going to be driving 50-60 hrs per week, I'm wondering which would be the better...
  4. PTUber

    Weekend Guarentees

    Just got a text from Uber bumping the guarantees this weekend. Friday 7pm -3am $20 and Saturday 7pm - 3am $25.
  5. Showa50

    Postmates Halloween bonus Oct 2015

    Did anyone try for this Halloween weekend bonus? $100 for completing 50 deliveries. I ran the numbers and it averaged out to be a little over 3 per hour, during required hours, a courier had to complete to get the bonus. Not an easy challenge. If anyone did try for bonus I'd like to hear how.
  6. Cou-ber

    Hold my hand and walk me thru this gaurantee:)

    So I just did what I'm pretty sure is my first successful gaurantee but would like to see how it breaks down... I did opt in. Check. It was $25/hour from 7am-11am with a six trip minimum. Thanks to my Jeffrey at 10:56am, I met 6 trips. However, my first trip was accepted at 8:44 am. All...