1. MHR

    Pumping Gas in the Age of Coronavirus

    A study in 2015 by Kimberly-Clark reported that gas pumps are one of the dirtiest things you can touch. Now it's 2020, the year of Coronavirus, and hand sanitizer, soap, and gloves are in short supply. How do you pump gas without touching anything...
  2. S

    $ per mile

    Most drivers that have posted vids/hacks/reviews say they want to make $1 per mile. Just want to verify that this is while the passenger is in the car, not without.
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Breezewood, Edward Burtynsky, and the lifecycle of OIL and FREEDOM

    It's a bit short, but what a lovely piece on the 'gasoline strips' of America. Specifically a photo taken in Breezewood Pensylvania by a famous photographer. But really it's about the egregious myth of the benefits of 'absolute freedom' in America...
  4. U


    Where do you guys find the most affordable gas? Costco in New Rochelle usually has it for the low. Anyone else ?
  5. Kurt Halfyard

    $1.30/L Gasoline in GTA - Can you afford to drive?

    I saw most stations in the Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton at $1.30/L or higher. The cost of gas will only keep climbing as summer approaches, when demand increases, and additives for summer formula raise the cost. Is $1.50/L an ant killer? At what price point will you stop driving ride-hail?
  6. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Gas Stations running out of gas

    I have been noticing the big chains of gas stations Petro Canada and Esso, had been running out of gasoline in Mississauga, in the evenings. This is related to the storm on Monday. Has anyone else seen this. Saw many stations without gas on Wednesday and Friday this week.
  7. Slyster

    Can't beat this...

    Check out this gas price.. and my MPG ubering :) 272 miles costed me around $13.00
  8. MikeNY

    NJ tipping gas station attendant

    NJ is one of the only states that require gas station attendants to fill up your gas. I've always wondered do we tip or not. Today I gave a $1 tip and wished the guy a Merry Christmas. Made his day
  9. L

    Gas Price!!! End of Surge and hot spots too.

    Selfish greedy Uber and Lyft!! No Surges No Hot Spots No Nothing. I live in Santa Monica and it was great surges in the AM before 9 and the PM at around 5. Now Nada. Gas prices are almost $5.00 a gallon in Los Angeles, probably in the OC too. They're states getting paid way more that us with...
  10. R

    Husky joined Canadian Tire Triangle Program

    Now you can earn 5cents/litre of CT money at Husky gas stations as well if you pay with Triangle credit card. Husky network is considered as low cost gas provider with much more stations across Canada than CT . Good news before Christmas!
  11. UberPotomac

    Gas prices @ Woodbridge VA

    I hope that helps some members. 2.44 Gallon Credit
  12. Britney Beverly

    Gas tax deductible?

    I heard at the end of the year you get tax credit back from all the gas you've used. Is that true? I've been holding in to all my gas receipts. Do I hold on to them till thr wnd of the year, or take them to an uber hub? If i have to twke them to an uber hub, how often do I do that?
  13. S

    Weekly Report

    Earnings: $171.09 Tips: $2.00 Bonuses" $4.63 Cancel Earnings: $6.00 Express Pay Fee -$3.00 Gas: -$75 Car expenses/maintenance - $1,000's When is Uber/Lyft going to do something about the @@@@ing tips? This is costing me money. Gas is $3/gallon. You can't make enough to pay for gas. Ride...
  14. S

    New fuel rewards not working?

    Has anyone tried the new fuel rewards yet? I tried it today for the first time. I'm gold and it only offered me 5 cents off not the 25 cents that were supposed to start today. 5 cents is nowhere near enough to make shell's expensive gas cheap. Even with 25 cents off, that only beats costco...
  15. Mista T

    Gas saving tips

    Good old Uber!! They understand that gas is a big expense for drivers, that's why they introduced the Visa Debit Card (yeah, right!) In true generous Uber form, they have listed their best gas saving tips. See screenshots. So I thought that I would share MY best gas saving tips. They may not...
  16. SamUber91

    Thinking of buying an older Escalade

    Hi all, I’m thinking about purchasing a 2005 Escalade that my friend is selling really cheap and is in excellent condition. I know the gas is terrible but I could do UBER XL with it. I would also use it to shlep around my spouses family who don’t have cars since we always have squeeze into our 5...
  17. Britney Beverly

    Uber gas deductions

    I'm new to Uber and new to taxes. I heard that when it's tax time, uber reimburses you for the money you've used on gas. Do they reimburse you for all the gas you've spend while driving for uber or just some?
  18. Working4peanuts

    Trump just screwed uber drivers

    Oil has been going higher this past week because traders were anticipating trump pulling out of the Iran deal. Now that he did, oil going higher. He's single handedly going to get us in a war. Both internal and external. Impeach the idiot now before it's too late. $3.00 gas coming real soon.
  19. Gone_in_60_seconds

    At what gas prices will you stop doing ridesharing?

    Hello Team,. At what price of gasoline will you stop doing ridesharing? It's almost $1.60 in Vancouver now, and appears that gasoline prices are back on an upward trajectory.
  20. J

    How do you track your Miles/Expenses?

    I'd like to know what you guys use to keep track of everything, like mileage, and expenses! Which Apps work the best for you, or do you have another method that you think is better? I've been with Uber for 7 months now, but I've only been driving for 2 months. So I'm still a newbie! Also, I know...