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gas money

  1. Hondarific

    Uber Eats in OC. I'm opting out. Also TIp SIgns

    I've been doing Uber for about 2 months now. Some weeks FT some PT. I signed up for UBER EATS suckered in by their ad appealing to drivers to "keep all the Tips". 98 percent of these cheapos DO NOT TIP. They tip their Pizza Guy. They tip the kid that delivers a meatball sandwich to their office...
  2. to vono

    LAX, LA & Orange County ride requests

    When receiving uber LAX, LA or Orange County ride requests I ALWAYS ask PAX for gas $$. About Half of the time they are willing to pay; and if they don't have cash- they always have a credit card to swipe at a gas pump. I've done that several times...the ones that won't pay for gas get Cancelled...