1. BurgerTiime

    THE COSTLY INSURANCE GAP MANY RIDESHARE DRIVERS MISS When Jack Reipke got into an accident while logged in as a Lyft driver, he thought the company, or his own collision auto coverage, would kick in. He was wrong. MINNEAPOLIS - If you...
  2. N

    gap insurance coverage

    When someone is driving, in Phase 3, for urber and their car is totaled from an accident that is not their fault, is there any issue with gap insurance covering the full Gap?
  3. @earth_to_jen

    Poll: Uber has to Primary Insure drivers

    Florida HB 509 & SB 1118 requires uber drivers to have "adequate" personal insurance to cover PERIOD ZERO "app off" driving Problem is legislators are requiring drivers to maintain an insurance product which does not exist in Florida as drivers are 100% Uninsured Motorists off duty and Uber is...
  4. Musical Insurance Guy

    Ride share insurance in Dayton, Ohio

    Hello Ohio ride share drivers. Many have asked what insurance companies have the special ride share insurance coverage option. The link below gives a listing of all of the companies they have in various states. As you can see...
  5. hustle and drive

    Insurance blues

    Hello, I have just completed my sign up process to become an UBER partner. However, there is one issue that is preventing me from driving. It seems that UBER's current insurance policy only covers the driver with liability insurance during the unmatched phase (phase 1), while waiting for a...
  6. ReviTULize

    BREAKING NEWS!! New USAA Insurance Product Closes Coverage Gap For California Rideshare Drivers
  7. I

    NJ Insurance Options

    If you had the option to buy a commercial excess policy that would fill the gap on your personal auto policy, would you be interested? How much would you be willing to pay for gap insurance? Would you be interested in a full commercial taxi or limo policy instead?
  8. roalber

    Covering the 'insurance Gap'

    Are there any companies that offer 'add on' insurance to cover the huge insurance gap? My insurance offers no coverage when the app is turned on, period. Thanks.