1. C

    Ever taken a pax to one of these?

    A bit of an obscure scenario here, but have you ever taken a pax to/ from a venue which was holding one of the ever popular annual charity video game speed running marathons such as GDQ (Games Done Quick)? For the curious/ unfamiliar, these are huge events where hundreds (if not thousands) of...
  2. KingEsmo

    Anybody play League Of Legends?

    Where my game players? Poker, Xbox,
  3. nostrils

    Ducks play tonight

    Anyone around Anaheim ducks vs carolina tonight, lots of rides.
  4. smoran26

    Patriot Home Games

    Are there any rules associated with picking up at Patriots games (similar to say the airport of pick up in X parking lot etc?) What are practices to ensure safe pick-up in the madness of that traffic? (My brother is a season ticket holder and I'm dropping him off so I'm gonna be there and...
  5. J

    Uber Driver Events!!!

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of planning an Uber Driver event in my city probably for a get together and have fun! It'll be awesome if you guys could help out and vote what events you guys would prefer! Cheers guys, THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME, have to close this after in a couple hours...
  6. Showa50

    For those that do give POOLs; a warning about pay

    Yes I know lots don't accept POOL, please keep the 'I hate Pool' comments to yourself. For those that do take them and know the higher priced surge stack works to your advantage sometimes; Uber is no longer paying the higher surged stacks. What ever the first rider is surge priced at is all...
  7. Showa50

    Uber can you stop filtering and restricting my pings.

    I know this happens because other drivers have complained about it also. No true evidence, but we're not stupid Uber. When a ping comes in and it instantly gets cancelled, which also happens to be conveniently going the direction your DF is set. Uber is playing games When over the past 2 weeks...
  8. georgiabinks

    Camping World Stadium (formerly the Citrus Bowl) Events Need Advice

    I love the surges that come out of these events, but I also find it difficult to drop off people. I always find a spot that is close enough for the passenger to walk, but I have noticed that every event closes the roads differently. Question: What area around the stadium do you drop off your...
  9. S

    Get ready to take a .5 to 1 point Star Rating hit. HELP

    Advice please. How do you avoid a .5 to 1 point star deduction when dealing with drunk sports fans when their team loses? Example- I would love to service the Michigan vs Michigan State game. Problem is when dealing with drunk U of M fan if Michigan State wins. Michigan fan is pissed about...