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  1. GalvestonDriver

    *Galveston Drivers*

    Hello other Galveston Uberers! Some of you, like me, live here and try to drive only here. Those of you who come in from parts beyond - welcome! We've got plenty to go around. Galveston Tourism Office assures us that this summer is going to be crazier than this Spring ever was. Wanted to let...
  2. R

    Galveston texas

    Anyone driving in Galveston Texas? I am starting here soon.
  3. Krypto_Dogg

    Surge and Incentives

  4. Krypto_Dogg

    GetMe strategy Galveston

    Earned $300+ dollars last week from GetMe ambassador ride codes in Galveston. I seriously don't know how to spread the word on this, but when Uber isn't around people know how to refer folks to GetMe. You seriously don't have to Uber here. Drivers are giving themselves a pay cut. I did some...
  5. Krypto_Dogg


  6. Lelekm

    What would you do…?

    Last Saturday I arrived at a downtown hotel for a pick up of a family going to Galveston. When they told me they were going to Galveston, I declined to take them and told them to request again. I just didn't have time to do it on Saturday, although I've done that trip before. Apparently, I was...
  7. UberNorthStar

    Is Someone Thumbing His Nose at Uber?

    On Mar 23, 2016, at 17:42, Houston City Manager <houston@getme.com> wrote: Hello Go-Getters, We are happy to announce we will be the first LEGAL Rideshare company with the ability to work in Galveston real soon. Our Permit is in its final stages of approval. With that said, if you are...
  8. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber Stops Operations In Galveston, TX 2/2/16

    the message sent to Uber drivers: Since Uber first became available in the City of Galveston in 2014, you have played a significant role in making the streets a safer and better place for everyone. You made it easy for people to make the right choice not to drink and drive. And you extended a...
  9. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber shuts down service in Galveston

    Uber shuts down service in Galveston http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/2016/02/02/uber-shuts-down-service-galveston/79722932/ GALVESTON – Uber, the popular ride-sharing service app, has been shut down here as of Monday. The city council passed a new ordinance that has regulations for...
  10. N

    Galveston - Official Response from the City of Galveston regarding TNCs (e.g. UBER) as of 2/1/2016

    If you are permitted in Houston, UBER Partners are allowed to DROP OFF in the City of Galveston and at the Port. At this time UBER partners are NOT allowed to pick up in Galveston City Limits. If you are caught picking up passengers within Galveston City Limits you can be cited and there are...