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  1. Pax Collector

    Love is in the air....

    In this case, the back of a Lyft ride :D
  2. BobbyThe1StarDriver

    15$ for 15 trips Quest in LA

    Anyone want to do this lucrative quest this weekend?
  3. Pax Collector

    The saga of the typical ant

    I came across a movie titled DriverX. Played by Patrick Fabian, it tells a tale of a typical rideshare driver. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt4952044/?ref_=m_ttexrv_exrv_tt
  4. Halfmybrain

    Nearby business irony

    Strip Club in Harvey and...
  5. C

    Threats from the shopkeeper - UBER EATS story

    I don't respond well to bullies - in that I don't let them bully me I tend to extract myself from the situation. Tonight, I was taken aback by the sheer rudeness of a shopkeeper I was taking TWO deliveries from. I've been there for deliveries before and he seemed okay - I was alway polite and...
  6. Attockpak1

    For the luls

  7. SHRPR

    Share your Stories

    Hey Everyone, We wanted to invite you to share your stories with us. Who doesn't like to share funny and interesting stories? Comment down below!
  8. Vanstaal

    No they didn't!

  9. MKS317

    1st time puker jinx

    Never had a pax ask if someone has puked in my car before... 3 different occasions last night people asked if someone has and one girl told her friend she jinxed me. Last ride of the night, guy pukes in my backseat. I was pissed and quiet for the next 10 minutes thinking this cant be true...
  10. eberuats

    Your shortest deliveries

    In a perfect world, every delivery would be a pleasant 30 minute ride away, but this isn’t a perfect world. Short deliveries are annoying, but the REALLY short deliveries are something to behold. Who on earth would pay a premium for food delivery from a restaurant that’s within sight of their...
  11. Trump Economics

    Need a laugh? Check this out...

    Sometimes I get bored. Sometimes I read passenger complaints.
  12. LAboy

    Uber Taxi on Motorcycle

    Recently i have been receiving pings to pick up people instead of food haha They must have made a mistake in the system, i do UberEats. So i said why not give it a go, one dude agreed to take a ride on my back seat haha without a helmet, funny thing i got paid for that. I wish i can do this...
  13. LAboy

    UberEATS deactivated me for SPEED

    * your account is put on hold for abnormal speed, you must be using a vehicle * So finally Uber decided to deactivate me too for a stupid reason, i signed up for a bicycle account and use my motorcycle, its not my fault they only have bicycle and car mode. I called them they said they will...
  14. LAboy

    Keep your Tip, Screw them

    I rarely get tips on UberEats so i got used to not expect tips, so this guy tried to teach me how to do my job and he tried to give me a 1$ bill, i told him keep your shit. Straight up Whenever the boost is good i tell them to keep their tips
  15. LAboy

    Cute Girls get Tips,UberEats

    I met a couple girls who do UberEats and postmates they told me they get tips most of the time especially from guys. They wear tight jeans and stuff boom haha. One girl told me she makes more with UberEats than any other app. I am not surprised though with all the pervs out here in LA haha. One...
  16. F


    Look, laugh, and ignore, enjoy..... Still laughing days later....
  17. LAboy

    Canceled infront of a Customer, UberEATS

    So, last night i picked up two orders from a restaurants, i am on a motorcycle, when i am on the road there is no way to answer the phone, the second customer keeps on calling me and sending me rude texts, acting tough, i believe because he saw my profile pic i look like a young weak white boy...
  18. LAboy

    is POSTMATES more popluar than UberEATS ?

    I don't get it Uber has more downloads than PM, but it seems like POSTMATES is more popular and i don't like it. haha the reason i think so is because i see all these big social media influencers and celebrities use Postmates, they never talk about UberEATS, and before postmates deactivated me i...
  19. LAboy

    Girls hit on me, UberEATS weird

    I didnt wanna talk about this, but i thought maybe you guys had similar stories happened to you, please let me know below. So ever since i started doing UberEATS and Postmates i got like 4 girls numbers, one girl she asked me straight up for my number, she was ugly i told her no, probably she...
  20. SEAMT

    Uber Driver Confessions of Riders

    Some interesting stories of some experience Uber drives have experienced in their back seat. Follow the link: https://www.acclaimmag.com/culture/these-uber-driver-confessions-will-make-you-think-twice-about-how-you-act-on-your-next-ride/#1