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fuel card

  1. S

    New Uber Visa Debit

    I hate go bank but am considering using the new visa debit purely for my cashout. Whenever I try and sign up for it the page loads to a blank page......truly UBER at its finest. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Me@Uber

    is Uber Support really that bad?

    or is it just me? any suggestions on fuel card fraud issue? support simply replies with the false statement, "the physical card was present. The correct PIN was used." (800 miles away, and :04 minutes after my using it 800 miles away.) that's only, ever the response to this fraud issue...
  3. tomambros


    HI, Any fuel /cash back card recommendations?
  4. D

    Fuel Card???

    Does anyone know how long Uber has to take their money after you make a fuel purchase on your fuel card? I made a purchase on August 9 that has not been taken out of my pay yet and I'm wondering how long do they get? I know credit cards and such they only get a certain amount of time and they...
  5. DJ BYGG

    Bogus Fuel card charges

    Has anyone who uses the Uber fleet fuel card experienced errors in their transactions records? I buy fuel once per day via fuel card and I have two transactions deducted on same day numerous times and more money coming out of my check than I'm actually spending in fuel the past few weeks! This...
  6. Rui

    Saving on fuel - best cashback cards...?

    Do any of you use specific cashback cards to save money on fuel? Am looking for the best ways to reduce fuel costs!
  7. J

    Biggest Problem with Uber

    Hey there, I am currently doing research to find out what Uber's biggest problems are regarding gas. This research will help in the implementation of an infrastructure that will help Uber drivers not have to worry as much about spending an excessive amount of money on gas per week. I would...
  8. Castorf


    On March 22nd UBER deducted $ 197 from my account related to 2 operations ($ 150 and $ 50) at WAWA, Orange St, in Orlando. I put a dispute. Until this date no refund, no explanation. WAWA manager told me that almost everyday a skimmer is found in their pumps. Still UBER tells me that probably...
  9. LinnyVan

    Fuel charges hit at the worst time...:(

    So I check my earnings this morning and I I'm in the minus column to the tune of $125. What a bummer! The fuel card does come in handy but I wonder... do you think Uber charges our accounts twice? I guess I need to keep better track. Now I've got to start the day working my butt off just to get...
  10. Andrew22383

    Fuel Card/Gas Stations

    With the uber fuel card, what gas stations you guys using for best savings. I noticed WaWa prices not to bad, but taking into account the variable discount with uber card I'm wondering if others have better tips. Can't find much on uber site.
  11. Zap

    Uber Fuel Card Woes Redux Again

    I got an email from Uber this evening that basically states, "Hey, we screwed up again and we're taking more money from you... again". Since the system-wide fuel card failure in January, the botched system-wide "fix" roll-out in February, and the continuous transaction reconciliation failures...
  12. Maven

    Driver Rewards

    I find Uber's "Driver Rewards" to be of little to no real benefit. I strongly suspect that Uber receives a referral fee, if not a "piece of the action", for each driver that uses one of the listed services. This may mean that "Driver Rewards" are more "Uber Rewards itself", an Uber profit center...
  13. Speedyracer

    Anyone else in uber fuel card debt??

    Omg... 3 weeks of fuel coming out in one week. Smh. I love my job.. Lol. !!!
  14. Maven

    Cheapest Gas

    For most of us, gas is one of the biggest, if not the biggest expense. Uber's Fuel Rewards card is supposed to help driver/partners. However, Uber only guarantees a 1-1/2% discount. A bigger problem is that it must be used a a credit card, not a debit card, which would allow the cash discount...
  15. VioletViolet326

    Gas card woes. Still owe $69

    So I got an email from Uber about my fuel card transactions. They're going to finally deduct all those charges from my pay and when they do that I'll still owe Uber $69 dollars. I'm glad I stopped using the card when I did, but should have stopped after the first week. Sigh. Don't use that...
  16. VioletViolet326

    Uber fuel card

    So for 3 weeks in a row I've used the fuel card charging about $70 each week, but uber doesn't take it out of my pay statement. They even keep sending me an email saying we noticed you haven't used your fuel card yet. I decided to stop using the card cuz I don't want it to bite me in the @$$ in...
  17. melissamckey49

    Just received Fuel Card but unable to activate.

    I just received my uber fuel card but I cannot activate it. I have emailed support a couple times and also tweeted support and so far no answers except for "they're working on the issue". i am putting the numbers in right. this is the message i'm getting: ERROR: (U"SERVER RAISED FAULT...
  18. Jdemonto

    Fuel rewards outage

    looks like fuel rewards isn't being deducted from my account. Any others out there?
  19. ATLbywayofJboro

    Fuel Card

    Has anybody gotten the fuel card? How well does it work? I'm only PT so the sheer amounts of rides needed to get that card looks like a pipe dream....
  20. Jay_Red82

    Question: Fuel Card...is really worth it

    Hey I'm working hard this month to qualify for the fuel card...cause I like they idea of saving 15 cents/gallon on the mid-grade gas that my Pacifica runs on. I'm currently increasing my total online time to 20-22 hours and 7 days a week Does the fuel card make a difference and is it worth it