1. Kawiz03

    Why you shouldn't peel out of the TNC lots

    Perfect example of why peeling out of the lot is not worth it.
  2. Pax Collector

    When fUber starts to sound like grYFT

    $3.50!? Really? Lol
  3. Chapindc

    Drunktard throws food in driver's face

    If any of u have any videos u'd like to show the world; watch till the end of video
  4. Pax Collector

    Lies told by the new App

    You in the meantime....
  5. Pax Collector

    No more lube

    Are you shitting me Uber? Decent quests used to be the bread and butter that made this gig worthwhile.
  6. Pax Collector

    Bye, Surge!

    Well, today we say "Farewell" to surge. Instead, a whopping $1.75 will be added to my next fare.
  7. GruveRecords

    Took a month off. Have they cut the pay yet?

    Figured we're overdue.
  8. Pax Collector

    Fuber at it again.

    Been sitting online with no pings for the last 35 mins and my remaining driving time is still 11 hours and 57 mins lol
  9. Chapindc

    Cancel rate has me a little worried

    I'm currently at 25%, without exception, not giving rides to; unnacompanied minors, children under 8 without proper equipment, too many riders, riders with the slightest bit of attitude (I don't care even if it's just a couple blocks we're going in any case), not waiting a second longer to no...
  10. Chapindc

    Any money around Catonsville or south west of baltimore?

    anybody been around there lately?
  11. Chapindc

    What 1 of our fuber masters is abt these days

    This pos want to solve poverty issues & create more poverty at the same time... unFbelievable... WOW https://cryptobriefing.com/hype-hypocrisy-uber-founder-eco-crypto/ Wants to assure we all have access to at least water & food... this pos is a cancer to our world
  12. Z

    Good bye to Fubers slavery

    as of today I have returned the plates and broke the chains. Thanks for everyone on this forum for their help and support. Good luck to all of you hard workers
  13. GruveRecords

    If you're receiving an absurd amount of long distance requests, Call Support

    I don't know about everyone else's market, but this past week has been brutal with the long distance requests. This is apparently the new "normal".. Because of this, I guess this will be my new normal Accept/cancel rates.. Earlier I declined 7 requests in a row that were over 10 minutes...
  14. JMlyftuber

    Grrr Nav issues

    Today I drove deliveries the first time. One delivery had the pickup and dropoff locations switched, and I went to the restaurant anyway, knowing where it was. When I got there I couldn't get the pickup confirmation because it didn't recognize that I was there, but also I couldn't see the...
  15. Kawiz03

    Tip Limits

    Just when you thought Uber could go no lower https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/uber-tip-limit-for-drivers-ride-hailing-lyft/#ampshare=https://www.cnet.com/news/uber-tip-limit-for-drivers-ride-hailing-lyft/
  16. Booberx

    Looks like the twits @ fuber are resetting some of the paxholes to 5.0

    I got a bunch of 5.0's on sat nite and didn't think anything of it. Did a couple rides today and axed a paxhole if this was his first trip to which he replied "no". I axed said paxhole if he set up a new account or new phone and he told me he's taken hundreds of rides with the same phone and...
  17. Z

    What is Rider fee ?

    Today I took a trip to Newark airport from city , after I check my fare details I see that they charge me for rider fee which seems 1 dollar. Does anyone know about this ?
  18. N

    Report SFO lot attendant

    The lot attendants at SFO have been closing the lit until their friends get there again! No matter how many empty spots there are so here is the phone number to report them for this. 1800-435-9736 Request curb side services and get the name of the attendant. They are going to blow you off at...
  19. Kawiz03

    Rejection Regret

    Maybe its me but you ever reject or cancel a ride then go about your day and not get a ping for a while and start to second guess yourself?? Like hmm maybe I should of taken that damn ride oh well \_●_/
  20. Kawiz03

    My best ratings

    Out of all my ratings the ones I'm most proud of are my 1 stars makes it even more gratifying when I return the favor to all the rest of the entitlied scum we shuttle around SAFELY for next to nothing makes for great laughs reading negative feedback for stupid things like making them walk to a...