fuber cut on weeklies earnings

  1. Z

    Uber commission is not valid anymore

    Hi everyone, I have been contacting uber for the commission that they take is over 35 percent on my trips , what they told me is they don’t take commission take difference between our pay and rider pay . So we work for 1.25$ Per mile, 35 cents per minute. we are cheaper 50 percent than a yellow...
  2. Kemo1

    Self Employed or Employees of Uber?? Better read this and find out yourself if you don't believe me.

    Many people know uber consider us drivers as self employed and they don't tell us how to work or where to work or when.. we'll as I came to find out this last 2 weeks.. Withtout you knowing, Uber is actually telling us how to work and pay close attention to the experiment I did.. UberPool and...
  3. Rammmmin

    Uber cut $105 from my earnings from yesterday till today

    My pay out for this week, yesterday was showing $1026 and today is $920 ,did anyone experience this shortage on his earnings?