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ft. lauderdale

  1. Ojuice

    Is the era of cheap Uber rides over?

    I sure hope that the continuing profit loss brings the fares up to a reasonable rate! this article talks of Uber in UK, Australia & etc It does mention US as its core market, so a little raise in fare can amount to profit and not profit loss...
  2. makes_sense

    How does wall street feel about uber drivers in captivity ?

    Goldman Sachs made a US $1 billion dollar investment in an Uber owned subsidiary that specializes in providing subprime auto loans to prospective Uber drivers. Uber is pursuing this strategy in an effort to build a captive driver pool, which will require less incentivization effectively...
  3. BuberDriver

    Airport Geozones - MIA/FLL

    I've been a driver in Miami since you were able to sit inside the airport and pick people up, before the 'geozone' ever existed, before there were 1,000,000 LUX drivers, and when UberX rates were the same as LUX is now. <sigh> Anyways, as of this past week I have not been able to get a request...