1. K

    How satisfied are you driving with Uber?

    HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU DRIVING WITH UBER? My answer was: Uber drivers are treated like nothing by Uber itself! We're nothing but worker bee's to you guys but actually less valued at the same time! Uber is about to go public and you all are about to become millionaires in the process but us...
  2. Jake B

    Account on hold investigation a complaint... 8th day on hold

    Hi everyone, SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED. My account has been on hold for over a week and I can't get an answer from Uber Support to save my life. An incident occurred where the lady was drunk and starting to get sick. I pulled over into a parking lot of an adult video store (closest place to...
  3. Jeremyc77

    Many $2-$4 trips

    What do I need to do to make giving rides worth it? There seems to be either a lot of down time or riders that need to go a couple miles in major traffic.
  4. TinyinSanAntonio

    San Antonio Airport .....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    :mad: So I decide to check out the airport last night, I saw that the airport has new rules about FIFO and they place you in a queue. I got there around 9pm and was vehicle 34 in queue. I went to the Cell Phone waiting lot to wait my turn. I did not turn the app off as is specified by the...
  5. B

    So a driver cancelled on me.

    So this is the 2nd time it's happened to me now by the same Uber Driver. I send out the request and promptly get a notification telling me Kev is gonna come to pick me up. Shortly after this I get a message asking "where are you going mate?" I told him I'd tell him when he'd picked me up 5...
  6. Guardafango

    No Demand on Uber Select

    Hi, I'm new to UberPeople and I drive Uber Select in the Del Mar/Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego. It has been very frustrating for the past few month getting request. Has anybody else experienced the same in my area or anywhere else? I have my app on for 3 hours and nothing happens...
  7. RUSSREED2.0

    When NOT living in CORE!

    Ok everyone. I don't live in core so that's strike one for me driving to LA from LBC! Secondly, I do have this question, for those who DON'T live in core, do you drive and stay all day, wait for a ride to take you there, or support your home city. I'm torn between LA and OC! I love my LBC...
  8. E

    How to review/be trained on new features PRIOR to driving

    hi all, Please help me with an answer ASAP! I am very afraid of my ratings dropping because of this issues: Sometimes I will go months without driving for Uber, and it can be problematic for both me and my passengers. A few days ago I drove for the first time in a few months. The app design...
  9. Harriston

    Driving Frustrations

    Hi, I am starting a new thread here for every driver here to share their frustrations encountered while on the road. Feel free to contribute your REAL stories here. Let me start. Last week after sending my first rider to CBD, I quickly head back to housing estate in the middle of Singapore...