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  1. F

    New Driver App Crapping out Constantly

    So prior to the new app I never had problems, I was using the Uber navigation and it only crapped out twice when my network disconnected. Ever since the new app came about the navigation freezes in different ways, the pointer stops moving or it suddenly shows me turns I already did 10 minutes...
  2. RiderOnTheStorm

    Waze freezing up on phone calls

    Waze locks up anytime the phone rings or a call is dialed. Other than that, it seems to be working with Uber again. Once it freezes, it's totally dead. You cannot get it back except by REBOOTING the entire damn phone. The freezing does not seem related to Uber -- still happens if I have never...
  3. RedoBeach

    Anyone Having Trouble Logging into App?

    I was logged in fine earlier today but since have been unable to log back in. The app was experiencing issues like connecting to Waze, but at least I was able to drive. I reset my password and still no luck. Online portal in the browser works just fine with both old password & new password.