free rides

  1. Rakos

    How many free do not charge rider trips

    Say it's Christmas time... And an Uber partner... Wants to give out a few free rides... Just how many times could you do this.. Before Uber deactivates you...??? Sounds like a SadUber move...8>) Any ideas out there...? Rakos
  2. George989

    Ripped of on Rider Referrals

    Hi Guys, First post on here. Looking for some advice, and to see if anybody has run into the same issue with Uber and what action they may have taken. So I started taking rides about 4 months ago. I was well aware of the perks of referrals rewards, for both drivers and riders. Uber just...
  3. Steveyoungerthanmontana


    So I took a customer in pool. The person who ordered the ride said the guy who's in my car doesn't speak English, no big deal whatever. I get to the first persons destination and drop her off, but I accidentally end both trips. I have the guy in my car who doesn't speak English call the person...
  4. Uruber

    Can anyone send me a referral code?

    Seems like you can't use your own codes on you,so can someone send me one for Lyft ? you would get the referral bonus since I have never use Lyft before :) To be clear, I am a Lyft driver but never used Lyft as passenger, so the code is to ride as pax not to become a driver.